Star Wars Battlefront 2 will continue its Clone Wars-themed slate of updates with Count Dooku’s addition to the roster of playable Heroes on Jan. 23rd. Dooku (Darth Tyranus if that name makes you snicker like a 7-year-old) will be the highlight of a Battle Point Event the following weekend (Jan. 25 to Jan. 27). In this event, Heroes can be acquired for half their Battle Point cost, provided players are playing Galactic Assault in a map specific to that Hero’s era. In Dooku’s case, that means Prequel-era maps.

Count Dooku also gets a second cosmetic appearance called “Dark Ritual,” which appears to reference the finale of 2014’s The Clone Wars: The Lost Missions. That cosmetic is joined by a new skin for Republic Clone Army soldiers, Coruscant Guard, which is a unit introduced by the show.

Neither skin’s appearance has been revealed, but considering EA DICE got Corey Burton — Dooku’s voice on the animated series — it’s a good bet DICE is looking to that show to extend the Clone Wars-era theme of updates gracing the game since the summer.

And that makes sense; The Clone Wars has been revived for a surprise wrap-up season, announced this summer at San Diego Comic-Con. No release date for that has been announced, but it’s expected sometime this year on Disney’s streaming service.

January’s Battlefront 2 updates also include three triple-XP events for the game at large: Heroes and Villains (underway now through tomorrow); Troopers (Jan. 11-13) and Starfighters (Jan. 18-20).

Source: Polygon