Controller From Razer Tries To Be A Step Above Microsoft's Elite

When Microsoft first unveiled Xbox One's $150 Elite controller, many questioned what kind of market there was for high-end, customizable gamepads....
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    When Microsoft first unveiled Xbox One's $150 Elite controller, many questioned what kind of market there was for high-end, customizable gamepads. That controller has proven to be quite popular, with a number of other companies, including Razer, offering up their own equivalents. Razer is now back once again with a new Xbox One and PC controller that costs even more: $160/€180.

    The Razer Wolverine Ultimate, as it's called, offers up what are now considered standard features for these controllers: three interchangeable analog stick styles; two swappable d-pads; trigger stops (letting you reduce the amount you need to pull the triggers for them to register as fully depressed); and extra, remappable buttons on the back. The buttons can be set up using either Razer's Synapse for Xbox app or with on-the-fly controls on the controller itself.


    Beyond all of that, it features Razer's Chroma lighting system. Owners can customize it to display 16.8 million different colors and with various optional effects. It also supports the Chroma SDK, which Razer says "allow developers to integrate advanced lighting capabilities for Xbox One games." Specific game support has not yet been announced.

    A carrying case is included with the Wolverine Ultimate, as is a 10-foot braided micro-USB cable. It also features a 3.5mm audio jack for a headset and integrated, quick-access controls including mute and volume.

    The Wolverine Ultimate launches first on Razer's website in September, with a global release following later this year. You can see a full list of specs and features here.

    Source: GameSpot

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  1. Frank
    Expensive. But the looks of it worth while I suppose.
  2. chappersjohn
    Elite looks better plus has more usability when it comes to the paddles Microsoft 1 razor 0
      Ink likes this.
  3. ______
    That d-pad looks amazing
  4. bronzebow
    Xbone controllers are trash, so if this controller is better, I will be purchasing this controller.
  5. Ink
    its appealing to the eyes but the quality doesn't look good from the pics. plus i like where the paddles for the elite are so im staying with the elite.
  6. Prefix_NA
    It looks nice, but as its a Razer product its probably just some made in China POS with fancy LED lights & a huge markup.
  7. HumphreyMax
    I've never been a fan of the overpriced Razer product line. It's all about lights and aesthetics. I've had many mice and controllers over the years from many different companies, Razer hasn't been anything above the bar, especially for the price that they charge. To each their own I suppose.