Rumor Consumers May Not Get Windows 10 on Its Release Date

Windows 10's official release date is July 29th, but recent information from Terry Myerson, Microsoft's executive vice president of operating...
  1. reloadmydeagle
    You die hard Windows fans and tech junkies may be out of luck if you are expecting to receive Windows 10 on the day of its release, July 29th. Microsoft was a bit deceptive by stating earlier this year that they would officially launch Windows 10 on July 29th, because that does not appear to be the case.

    In fact, Terry Myerson, Microsoft's executive Vice President of operating systems, stated in a blog published on June 25th, that "Starting on July 29, we will start rolling out Windows 10 to our Windows Insiders. From there, we will start notifying reserved systems in waves, slowly scaling up after July 29th."

    This leads us to believe that the only people getting access to Windows 10 on its scheduled and announced release date, will be the members of Microsoft's Windows Insider program, which is composed of those who are helping to get the bugs and issues out of Windows 10. Not only will only that select group of people have access to Windows 10 on its release date, but it appears that normal users will have to wait even longer than expected because Microsoft will release the update slowly to some PCs before others.

    For those of you that don't know, Microsoft is aiming to make Windows 10 a huge success, and essentially a redemption for their failures with their previous OS, Windows 8, which many PC users disliked. In their attempt to get as many users on it as possible, they have also offered many Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users pre-ordered licenses to Windows 10. Microsoft says that Windows 10 will be more ambitious than any previous versions of the OS, with capabilities to be used in the future on as many devices as possible, ranging from computers and tablets, to phones and even ATMs.

    Well, what do you guys think of the delay in Windows 10 for normal users? Leave your opinions in the comments below.

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  1. DnCsHoKz
    im glad ive got it already
  2. Red58
    "Microsoft was a bit deceptive..." Not surprised, sometimes I wonder if they just enjoy messing with us lol.

    Was actually sort of looking forward to it, I have no quarrels with Windows 8/8.1, it operates just fine and almost anything I wasn't a fan of could be patched up (like adding your own start menu). Though the constant updates are annoying and hopefully that will not carry over to Windows 10.

    Ugh please microsoft, please. Just surprise me just this once.
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    1. Master
      I really disliked the look and feel of Windows 8. It seemed way to simplified. To each their own, I suppose
  3. Epoke
    I've been on Insider preview since the day one and sent over 100 bug reports and feedback and helped make it better like many others... and i also have a XBOX One ... I F* love the game streaming and the XBOX dashboard in Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview... Windows & XBOX are becoming more and more on the top of my list of operating systems... so cool... Stream Movie on my XBOX, Stream games on my PC, Use my iPhone with Smart Glasses to control my XBOX like a remote.. lol.. now i need a Miracast device to streaming my PC or Apps on my XBOX and an adapter & a Athena to have cable for free or stream it from my computer... lol... damn... i never tough i'd see the day that I would approve so many Microsoft Products..

    I don't mind waiting... it's worth it..
  4. Gazelle
    I can't wait for windows 10! :biggrin:
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  5. lowpro
    Being a Windows fan for quite awhile, I'm a bit disappointed with this announcement, though not shaken! But for real, I want it as soon as possible.

    And once snapchat comes out for windows phone, I can ditch my iPhone and go back to the windows phone platform with even better integration, as I was actually impressed by windows phone even with the lack of apps.
  6. Cynder
    I was told by 5 or 6 Microsoft employees that Windows 10 will be available on the 29th for people who reserved it and for people who did not reserve they will have to choice to update/reserve on the 29th and it would carry on from there. But that's just what I have been told
  7. Visio
    Great now I need to wait even longer to get off windows 7. I like it but I desire change more.
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    1. Master
      I feel the same way. I didn't like the Windows 8. Too simplistic and boxy. Hopefully, Windows 10 shows a little more advancements and less apps and simplicity.
  8. Doodle210
    Why not just become part of the insider program?
    1. Monopolyman
      Because you sign off on giving all of your private information to Microsoft (they even have a keylogger).
    2. Doodle210
      I see no problem with that... honestly, I'd just install it on my laptop which I only use to look stuff up when I'm away from home.
    3. V7X3
      Bit late to the party, but it's only to occur within the technical preview time-frame, which... it's a preview, that's the point of beta software, that way they can see how users are using this and that so that ultimately they can release the best final product as possible(which won't feature the "keylogger")
  9. BattleBuddy
    Don't go for the 10 update. Its a trap.
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    1. MoPar Magician
      Sure MS is a bunch of privacy invading Sh*t stains. Honestly anyone using a windows O/S is already caught in the MS spiderweb and has been. Anyone that concerned or paranoid about being hacked or otherwise tracked uses a Linux based O/S. Total PITA because to work with Linux a program must be as such or compatible. (a lot like APPLE/MAC) A lot of Gamers, Programmers, and especially Hackers, use Linux as a primary O/S and keep a Win O/s around on a separate drive partition to boot when needed.
  10. Master
    Well I guess I will be waiting a lot longer than I first expected.
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