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Conan Exiles Hits Xbox One, New Expansion Out Today

It's a big day for Conan Exiles, as the open-world sandbox game has launched on Xbox One, while the newest expansion, The Frozen Throne, is also...
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    It's a big day for Conan Exiles, as the open-world sandbox game has launched on Xbox One, while the newest expansion, The Frozen Throne, is also out today.

    Exiles is available on Xbox One in the Game Preview program--you can download it here. This means it's an unfinished version, just like Ark: Survival Evolved, so you may encounter bugs or other technical issues. It costs $35/£30/$46 AU, and you can try it free before buying.


    In a press release, developer Funcom said the Xbox One edition is "identical" to the PC version. The console version includes the numerous updates and refinements made to the PC version since it launched on Steam Early Access six months ago.

    As for the expansion, The Frozen Throne is available on PC and Xbox One; and it's free. According to Funcom, the expansion increases Exiles' game world size by 70 percent. Whereas the base game is set in the desert, The Frozen Throne takes players to a much colder place, as its name suggests.

    "Today's launch on Xbox One and the release of The Frozen North expansion updates is an important milestone on the game's Early Access roadmap," Funcom's Lawrence Poe said in a statement. "During the first six months of Early Access on PC our focus has been to work with our core community eliminating exploits, improving core systems, and fleshing out both content and features. In this phase two of Early Access the game is bigger and better than ever and we are very excited about bringing the game to an entirely new audience on Xbox One."

    The full version of Conan Exiles is scheduled to launch in Q1 2018 (January-March) on PC and Xbox One, as well as PlayStation 4.

    Source: GameSpot

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  1. josh11770
    Unless you are ready for a lot of things not working I'd wait on this, some textural glitches some weapons don't work/ can't be unequipped. First time someone joins your player hosted game it deletes your character forcing a new game. I could go on but he it's pm an alpha not even close to beta imo yet