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Community Operations DLC Coming to Battlefield 4


Well Battlefield fans, the moment we've all been waiting for is finally here. Even though DICE has moved on to Battlefield Hardline, they have still continued to update and add patches to this two year old title. Now, after releasing Night Operations just one month ago, they are bestowing upon us the Community Operations DLC. This new map pack will be absolutely free to all players, across all platforms.

Announced earlier this year, DICE said they would take suggestions and ideas from the community to collaborate with us on new maps that would include features we've wanted to see make their way to the game. Earlier in the week, they revealed one of the maps that will be making its way onto this DLC, named Operation Outbreak. This map consists of an ancient temple with a vast waterfall, a medical facility in the depths of a valley, along with a dense jungle. All of which will surely test your wit and instincts amongst the differing environments.

The part of the map which features a valley has very limited access, and will certainly be based around utilizing a heavy infantry presence. Although, the strategic use of RHIB boats on the river, along with quads and light armor vehicles will make for a tough battle. Not much else is known just yet on this map, except the fact that it will surely bring a breath of fresh air to the game.
DICE hasn't announced an exact release date for this new DLC, besides mentioning that it will be coming out in Fall of 2015. They have also said that this DLC is separate from the Fall patch, and that they will reveal more news for the DLC, and Operation Outbreak in the coming weeks. I will be updating this article when DICE announces more details, so be sure to click 'Watch this Article' for the latest on Battlefield 4's new map pack!


UPDATE - In a week's time the information that has been revealed about Community Operations is somewhat little, to say the least. DICE has only detailed six key points of interest since the original announcement. Besides those, it is slowly becoming more evident that the developers may only be focusing on a single map as they did with Night Operations.

A few of the quick facts that DICE has revealed have already been described in this article, including that Operation Outbreak has a temple with a waterfall, and that the map was created with the help of the Battlefield community. The other four facts which weren't exactly known are that the map will have five key locations, presumably being where the five flags would be stationed for Conquest matches. Furthermore, the map will take place at a secret Indonesian medical research facility which was attempting to develop some sort of virus, while testing said virus on monkeys. What followed was a chaotic situation where the test monkeys got loose and began destroying the area around the facility, giving the map a bit of a backstory.

Apart from that, the only other facts that were mentioned are that the location could've been in a desert or mountain region, which were the two other options the community could've voted on. Lastly, DICE has said the community was also able to vote on the name for the map. As the developers took on a plethora of suggestions, and then put up a poll for us to make the final decision. There have also been a few more screenshots published onto Battlelog which are in the spoiler below.



Battlelog | Newswire Update
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