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  1. NO GOD
    I find this extremely hard to believe
  2. Jinxster
    Omg this is infuriating- it is not bullshit. Why so hard, it happened! Look I'm not a techie/geek/hacker etc, my knowledge of computers stretched to c cleaner & malwarebytes. This happened, I have 2 devices which I have no idea if they are infected. I joined here tonight to get help not get trolled. If you don't know how to find ransom ware / malware on iOS devices or give me any constructive help then go away but do not call me a liar because i am not.
  3. Jinxster
    Lad Bible posted on facebook tonight that hackers had claimed the server crash on Pokemon & warned it was a test for something bigger. I posted what happened to me & I got exactly the same bullshit response. I came here for help from what I thought was an expert community - it seems the expertise stretches to 'I call bull shit on anything I've not seen before' - thanks for the help.
  4. II{-_-}II
    You got called out by one person on a homepage article, he doesn't speak for the community. If you want help, check the apple/ios sections within the forum and someone like [USER=278685]Tabuu[/USER] might be able to help you if you have a problem.
  5. Tabuu
    It's definitely not something I've heard of or read about. Plus, The Lad Bible isn't a verified news source for anything technology related. If it did happen, it had to have happened on jailbroken device and the app couldn't have been downloaded from the App Store. You can't feed ransomware to devices through a sandboxed application and the App Store wouldn't allow an app with malicious code on it to be released to the public.
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