Replies on Comment by II{-_-}II

  1. Kobe
    Fantasy sites require a ssn photo Id and a bill to withdraw.
  2. II{-_-}II
    OK.. still don't see much correlation. Plenty of gambling outlets available and that's for withdrawal on sites which are under investigation in the USA
  3. II{-_-}II
    I used to play poker on full tilt, party poker and cake. All you needed was a CC, western union deposit, or bank transfer
  4. Kobe
    SSN and Drivers License to prove you are over 18
  5. Crooks
    People are regularly winning jackpots in the thousands, a thousand dollars worth of skins is equal to a thousand dollars irl. Kids try to mimic their favourite streamers by using their own money or taking it from elsewhere and they more often than not end up losing everything. There is no SSN, photo ID or anything like that required, all you have to do is click one little box that says you're over 18, lol.
  6. II{-_-}II
    Yeah I guess it's a problem being so easy to do and should be regulated, but there's hundreds of online gambling sites. SSN and photo ID not needed even on a few for US players where its "banned". How do you get paid out if you do win on these sites? You must have to verify yourself somehow to get paid.
  7. Crooks
    Nope, the site just sends you the skins in a steam trade and from there you could just cash then out for PayPal money or sell them on the steam market for steam money.
  8. II{-_-}II
    Yeah and to get paid out by PayPal you will need some form of verification. The point is this isn't really a serious or reliable way to gamble. Definitely an issue which should be addressed, but you really exaggerated it in your article.
  9. Crooks
    It's pretty serious when someone who's underage blows $500 worth of skins copying someone else