Replies on Comment by xxllllxxllllxx

  1. Arxhive
    MW3 was far from the best cod ever made.
  2. xxllllxxllllxx
    Lmao kid you're entitled to your opinion. It's funny because you're trying to start an argument. Get a hobby because you failed. That's a big fat L!!!
  3. xxllllxxllllxx
    Long live MW3, BEST COD EVER MADE!!
  4. Keeley Hazell
    I don't think he was trying to start an argument, just saying what he thinks about mw3 lol. I think cod4 and mw2 were much better games.
  5. OverLord Beaner
    mw2 better cod4 bo2 better more people play b02 then mw3 so yeah mw3 boring and how dare u say blackops is not good enough to be a cod game you must have down syndrome