Replies on Comment by Unbound 7s

  1. Feyfolken
    I've never played Dark Arisen, so it's going to be so worth it for me to purchase. Not to mention the huge improvements made from its original release and the option to mute pawns! MUTING. PAWNS.
  2. Unbound 7s
    Oh shit you for real??? You can mute the pawns?? 11/10 Would mute again
  3. Feyfolken
    CAREFUL YOU'RE NOT SOAKED IN WATER. NO, THEY HOLD THE ADVANTAGE. 'TIS A TROUBLING FOE. And the best quote, though a pawn doesn't say it: They're masterworks all, you can't go wrong. Good times.
  4. Unbound 7s
    "They're masterworks all, you can't go wrong." WOW I really wished you hadn't reminded me of that... The fricken guy in grand soren -_- I thought I had forgotten that but now it has come back to haunt me....
  5. Feyfolken
    LOL. The best part is that one of my friends spent time getting his affection up so that he could get better gear and at the end of the game, the Dragon took the blacksmith as the character's "loved one".
  6. Unbound 7s
    Lol that's to funny... I still tried getting the blacksmith a "gold idol" but it didn't even give me better items "What I already had equipped" so I was like FFFFFFFFFF... 3/10 would not give blacksmith a golden idol again
  7. Feyfolken
    Yeah the love system in that game was hilarious if you didn't try to romance any other characters. Naturally, I banged the Duchess, so all was well in my playthrough.