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  1. AlienFreek01
    Activision will never allow it. They would lose too much money. They will most likely wait to remaster it and add supply drops
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  2. BrownMagician
    Sounds about right, most likely add it to their next game in November to force people to buy the latest and worst cod up to date.
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  3. Bweiss
    [USER=606687]BrownMagician[/USER] I don't agree with how Activision sold the remastered modern warfare, and I did purchase the new COD for $80 just to play the remastered COD. But they didn't force me to buy it, it was my choice which I somewhat regret now. I don't think I will be purchasing their remastered versions in the future, because I don't feel like supporting that sort of business model. Especially when the remastered version starts to move away from what the original game was. They also go on to charge you for DLC that you purchased in the past and make it cost even more than it initially did. In the end it is only a smart business move by Activision if people buy into the move. I assume the remastered version of MW was a success, and if my assumption is correct then I think it would be safe to assume even further that Activision will follow the same business model in the future.
  4. Keeley Hazell
    The sad part was they were doing fine before all of that bullshit.. I blame Sledgehammer and Advanced Warfare.
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  5. nay1995
    correct it was a smart business move, but all in all they wouldn't have a business if it wasn't for the fans, and that's the exact people there fu**ing over year after year.
  6. Bweiss
    That's why the "fans" need to stop buying into their products. Until that happens, they will keep doing what they are doing.
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  7. Keeley Hazell
    I don't think they ever will sadly.. A lot of people seem to suck it up because Call of Duty and Xbox is life lol.
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