On the 15th of November, Candice Capen announced via Twitter that there would be an upcoming patch for Infinity Ward's most recent game Call of Duty: Ghosts.

As it currently stands, Call of Duty: Ghosts posses a few bugs and flaws that aren't game breaking; but certainly are annoying. Some of these 'bugs' include not being able to create, join or leave a clan in-game, whilst other mean players are unable to view their operations after purchasing new ones with squad points.


Many gamers are complaining on the spawns in Call of Duty: Ghosts, saying that they are worse than the spawns in all other Call Of Duty’s. However to put some minds at ease, the company have also explained that they are also working on a fix for the known glitches, such as getting under the map on freight. This may also include a fix for the glitch mentioned above.

Undoubtedly the company will work as hard as possible to get these bugs and glitches resolved, creating a more fair game and happier customers. After a recent playlist update that added the game mode Search & Destroy, some player were upset that the company seemed to be more focused on the game modes rather fixing the bugs and glitches already present in the game.

Candice Capen is very active on twitter, assisting people in making Call of Duty: Ghosts a more pleasurable experience. He often replies to people who report bugs, glitches and exploits, along with any other issue that is sent to him via Twitter.

Have you experiences any of these issues? Are you frustrated that the company 'appears' to be focusing more on releasing new game modes rather than fixing problems with the game? Let us know in the comments below.