Sega is bringing a line of retro games, including Sonic the Hedgehog, Phantasy Star and Thunder Force 4, to Nintendo Switch. The company announced the new initiative, which will be released under the Sega Ages label, during a Sega fan event in Japan today.

More than fifteen titles will be released under the new Sega Ages lineup, though only three titles were confirmed at today’s event. Studio M2, which was responsible for previous Sega re-releases like the 3D Classics Collection for Nintendo 3DS and the Sega Ages series for PlayStation 2, is behind the Switch Sega Ages titles. M2’s involvement is good news for fans of classic Sega games; the developer’s work on restoring and emulating 8-bit and 16-bit games is unparalleled.

The news is probably slightly less comforting to Switch owners hoping for a dedicated Virtual Console, as companies like Capcom, SNK and Sega are focusing on ad hoc vintage game re-releases.

Sega Ages for Nintendo Switch will be released starting this summer. We’ve reached out to Sega for details on whether the lineup will be released in the West.

Source: Polygon