Civilization VI's first big expansion, Rise and Fall, is coming soon, and today developer Firaxis showed off more of what you can expect from the DLC. Rise and Fall adds a bunch of new systems, and a new video details what those will do and how your experience will change.

These new features include Dark Ages, a Loyalty System, Governors, and Emergencies. Golden Ages have been a mainstay of the Civilization series for a while now, but Rise and Fall adds a counterpart with Dark Ages. If your Era Score isn't high enough, you can enter into a Dark Age, which reduces citizen happiness and can cause your cities to revolt or secede. However, Rise and Fall also adds Dark Age policies which can affect your progression positively; in addition, it is easier to achieve a Golden Age when coming out of a Dark Age.

Loyalty, meanwhile, can affect your civilization's borders and resource production. Low loyalty can cause rebellion in certain cities, which can lead to them declaring independence. The new unit type, Governor, can affect Loyalty, as well. These units can help improve tiles and give other bonuses.

Finally, Rise and Fall adds an interesting new cooperation system called Emergencies. When something happens on a map--such as a city-state seizure, or a nuclear attack--it can trigger an Emergency, which prompts non-allies of victim civilizations to band together. These temporary teams are given a quest to complete in a certain amount of time.

The expansion also adds several new civilizations, such as Georgia and the Cree, alongside new units and technologies. Check out the video for more on what's being added in the expansion; you can also pick up the base game for a relatively cheap price right now. Rise and Fall launches on February 8 for PC.

Source: GameSpot