With more free Titanfall 2 DLC set to launch soon, Respawn has released a new trailer that showcases the upcoming Live Fire mode.

As detailed previously, Live Fire is a 6v6 mode with no Titans and rounds that last only 60 seconds. The goal is to either eliminate the enemy team or grab a single, neutral flag and be the team holding it when the 60 seconds elapses.

Two new maps, Stacks and Meadow, have been designed specifically for Live Fire. They're described as "tight, enclosed death boxes designed specifically for the fast-paced, intense nature of the mode." You can see both of these in the video above.

Two other notable things on display in the trailer are a new Pilot execution (pictured below) and, at the end, a glimpse of the new Coliseum map, Columns.


An exact date for the release of the Live Fire update, which will be free for everyone like all others maps and modes, has not yet been announced. Respawn recently outlined upcoming content for Titanfall 2 and had slated it for launch sometime this month, followed by a returning Titanfall 1 map in March. Support will continue after that, although any plans for a sequel remain unknown in light of lower-than-expected sales.

Source: GameSpot