Destiny's next big update, The Dawning, arrives soon. Among many other things, it introduces new gear for players to collect, a selection of which we've now gotten a look at.

Titans, Warlocks, and Hunters will each have new armor to obtain. There's at least one set for each class, and they and were inspired by helmet designs by Bungie's lead concept artist, Joseph Cross. That's pictured below, with each of the three-class specific sets in the gallery below that.



Interestingly, the Titan armor was designed not by Bungie, but High Moon Studios (and artist Priscilla Landerer in particular). High Moon was announced just yesterday as a studio collaborating with Bungie on the Destiny series, confirming something rumored earlier this year.

Bungie didn't share exactly how you'd go about getting your hands on any of this new gear. The Dawning brings back the Sparrow Racing League and introduces scoring for Strikes. Along with those activities, there are new weapons, sparrows, and other gear to collect. You can read more about the limited-time event here.

The Dawning kicks off on December 13 and runs until January 3. It's free to all Rise of Iron owners.

Source: GameSpot