Announced earlier today at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Taiwan-based ASUS, one of the biggest PC vendors worldwide has stepped up their game in the mobile department by providing us the ZenFone 2 also known as the world's first smartphone to have 4GB of RAM. Not only does more RAM mean more applications running smoother especially when using them simultaneously, but it also increases the gaming performance dramatically coming in seven times faster compared to its last predecessor the ZenFone 6! This smartphone will have to be one of the top choices for the hardcore mobile gamer who wants to enjoy a smoother gaming experience or for anyone trying to upgrade to an even faster and convenient smartphone. Let's dive into what this tiny giant has in store for us!

The phone itself will be available in a variation of five different colors: "Glacier Gray", "Osmium Black", "Glamour Red", "Ceramic White", and "Sheer Gold". One thing I noticed is the lack of physical features the ZenFone 2 possess and looks rather plain and has been described with a "cheap plastic feeling" although the diversity of colors does somewhat make up for it. The phone has 5.5" screen with a stunning full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution as well as a 403ppi IPS display. The phone is made with Corning Guerrilla Glass 3 material for a stronger resistance against scratches. Thanks to its rear 13 megapixel camera and its front five megapixel camera, the ZenFone will always be there to capture those stunning moments whenever you need to take a snap. Not only that but, it will also be utilizing many of PixelMaster's technology which include: low light mode, backlight (HDR) mode, enhanced beatification mode, manual mode, laser autofocus, and optical image stabilization all performed with zero shutter lag. One of the features the smartphone has been praised for is its ability to zoom in three times through optical zoom. A phone ASUS described as "the world's thinnest smartphone to feature a 13-MP camera with a 3x optical zoom". This device could be the ideal smartphone for taking pictures as it brings magnificent images without the extra need of flash in dimmed areas and the option of three times optical zooming.

(Images from Ars Technica)​

Inside the phone we find an impressive 64-bit Intel Atom Z3580 quad-core processor which runs at 2.3 GHz. ASUS states the new processor is up to 3.1 times faster than other quad-core competitors as well as the GPU performance which is said to be 8.1 times faster. The phone will utilize ASUS's new ZenUI operating system with OpenGL 3.0 alongside Android Lollypop 5.0. It also utilizes their newest 3000mAh lithium-polymer battery which guarantees a charge of 60% in just 39 minutes! Its fast charging technology is also a key element that may shape up nicely for the phone, considering the demand of having a phone with a good amount of battery life. Finally, the news the entire world has been talking about, the amount of RAM the phone is capable of having an outstanding 4GB of RAM. That's right, this 5.5" smartphone has the amount of RAM an average PC holds nowadays. A big win indeed for ASUS to feature this brand new piece of hardware which I'm sure many consumers will not be disappointed about.

Overall the phone looks promising especially if you're the type of gamer that enjoys playing a game on the go or simply a picture-taking enthusiast. A decent camera, an awesome processor, and not to mention the amount of RAM the ZenFone 2 holds is enough for it to qualify with the potential to be a great smartphone. ASUS hasn't revealed clear information pertaining to price although they have stated the ZenFone is scheduled to launch in March starting at $199.

Special thanks to Chazay for bringing this topic to our attention!

Tell us Se7ensinners, do you think this is something you would purchase? Will the improvement of RAM in the phone be enough to separate the ZenFone 2 against other competitors?