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  1. The WalkCar: Transportation in a Bag

    It's not a skateboard, and it's not a Segway, it's somewhat a combination of the two. Looking to be the most compact means of getting around town, the WalkCar is thin and small enough to fit inside a tote bag.
  2. Amazon Reveals Kindle Oasis

    Coming in at only 4.6 ounces with a 6” screen, the Kindle Oasis is now Amazon’s main e-reader, and packs quite the punch when compared to previous versions. The Kindle Oasis is 20% lighter and 30% thinner than previous Kindles, and comes with a few extra features along with a pretty hefty price tag.
  3. Li-Fi: Experience the Internet 100 Times Faster Than Wi-Fi

    With all of the new gadgets and inventions coming out these days, Wi-Fi would probably be the last thing that some of us would care to think about in terms of what comes next. Clearly someone was thinking about that idea because we now have learned more about a technology that promises to bring us internet speeds up to 100 times faster than normal Wi-Fi. Continue reading to learn more.
  4. Rumor Apple to Unveil Smaller iPhone and New iPad

    If you think Apple have shown everything they have up their sleeve, then you may be surprised to hear rumours about a new, smaller iPhone and a new iPad surfacing. Continue reading to learn more.
  5. Apple Prepares to Fight Legal Battle with the FBI to Fight for Privacy Rights

    Following the San Bernardino shooting in San Bernardino, CA, the FBI have requested that Apple create a special firmware to allow them to access to Syed Farook's iPhone 5c, which they believe contains valuable data regarding the terrorist act. Apple has refused, saying that something of that nature would unleash a very sinister backdoor into consumers' privacy, something they have no intentions of doing.
  6. The Apple Event In a Nutshell

    Today, September 7, 2016, marks the day of Apple's keynote where they unveiled the iPhone 7 and the 7 Plus, the Apple Watch 2, new EarPods and wireless AirPods, and the new generation of the iWork suite. Apple also commented on the app store and introduced Nintendo into the fold of mobile gaming.
  7. Oculus Rift Pre-Orders Opened With a Controversial Price Tag

    Four years ago, a small company by the name of Oculus created waves in the gaming industry with their virtual reality headset, the Rift. The company’s founder, Palmer Luckey, promised that Oculus would bring VR to the masses. After raising over two million dollars on kickstarter, being bought by facebook, and selling 2 iterations of dev kits, the first consumer version of the Rift was open for pre-order this past Tuesday. This was certainly an exciting moment for VR enthusiasts, but the high...
  8. Apple Announces iPod Touch 6th Generation

    Earlier today, Apple took everyone by surprise and announced the new 6th generation iPod Touch. They also unveiled new colors for the iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano, but the internal components of both of those devices stayed the same. The new iPod Touch also comes in a variety of different colors, but more importantly, Apple has decided to upgrade the internal components of the iPod Touch. It is now basically equivalent to the iPhone 6 in terms of power.
  9. Apple Versus The U.S Government: How it Went Down and Why It's Important

    Over the past few weeks Apple has been making headlines due to their ongoing battle with the US Government. The FBI now wants to strong-arm Apple and have them break their own encryption to get evidence that might be on the work phone of a terrorist. Apple has refused to do such a thing, so this debate has been brought to the courts. In this article, I’ll lay out how everything went down, take a look at the motivations of the parties involved, and discuss why this is all so important.
  10. PoWiFi - Transmit Power Over WiFi

    Have you ever wanted to power or charge one of your more smaller and less intensive gadgets, but you just couldn't find a power source? Well if that's the case then meet PoWiFi, a new piece of technology that promises to let you transmit electricity through your WiFi signals!
  11. Apple Unveils New Products at Annual Event

    After teasing us with what the newest Apple TV will have in store, the world-renowned brand has unveiled their latest additions to the Apple family, bringing Apple fanatics, along with novice buyers alike, two new phones to choose from, a larger iPad, and as recently reported, an upgraded Apple TV.
  12. iBackpack - Incorporating Advanced Technology with a Backpack

    A new company is planning on revolutionizing your school or traveling experience by introducing a backpack that's probably smarter than you!
  13. Google Play Games Receiving Recording Feature Update

    With the introduction of "on-device live streaming" in the YouTube Gaming mobile application, Google has proved that they want to get more involved with mobile gaming.
  14. Rumor Could Apple be Planning to Remove the 3.5mm Headphone Jack?

    Would you take a thinner phone over a standard 3.5mm headphone jack? Learn about why Apple might want to do this and about the negatives of doing something like this by reading on.
  15. Certifi-Gate Android Security Vulnerability

    With the number of smartphone purchases and usage increasing every year, hackers are constantly given opportunities to access backdoors into our handheld devices. Recently, there's been a new flaw discovered among Android software that's being dubbed 'Certifi-Gate'. This blemish in the system allows hackers to gain full access of a mobile device completely unbeknownst to the owner.