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Articles related to Sony

  1. PS4 PS Plus Members Get Free PSVR Game Trial This Weekend

    Free games are always good, and PlayStation Plus members can try an extra one for a limited time soon. This weekend the PS4 shooter Firewall Zero Hour is free for anyone with an active PS Plus subscription, though you'll also need a PSVR headset to play.
  2. PS Plus Games For January 2019 Are Now Available (PS4, PS3, PS Vita)

    It's a new month and a new year. And because we've breezed past the first Tuesday in January, a fresh set of six games is available for free to all PlayStation Plus subscribers. So whether you have a PS4, PS3, or PS Vita, you can head to the PS Plus page to add the freebies to your library. Just make sure you do it before Sony changes them out for next month's games on February 5.
  3. PlayStation Plus Games For January Announced

    It may be hard to believe, but 2018 is nearly over. That means it won't be long before January rolls around, bringing PlayStation Plus members a new set of free PS4, PS3, and PS Vita games to add to their collection.
  4. Firewall Zero Hour Gets A New Map And More Tomorrow

    Hi guys, it’s Shabs here from First Contact Entertainment — the developers behind Firewall Zero Hour, the PS VR-exclusive 4v4 tactical shooter.* Hope you guys are all getting ready for the holidays. The team here has been working hard on a special update for you!
  5. Floor Kids Is A Fresh Breakdance Game Coming To PS4 November 27

    On behalf of my team, I’m really excited to announce Floor Kids, a funky hand-drawn breakdance game, featuring an original soundtrack, and an emphasis on freestyle moves and self-expression. I’m JonJon, the creator and animator of the Floor Kids characters, and a lot of my best friends are boys.
  6. PUBG Coming to PS4 on December 7

    Hey everyone, today we are thrilled to unveil the exciting announcement that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is officially coming to PlayStation 4! Bringing PUBG to the PS4 has been an ambitious project for us, and we are beyond thrilled to finally be sharing this news with the world.
  7. Creed: Rise to Glory For PS VR Gets First Free Update November 27

    Creed II is sure to get your blood pumping in the theater– but nothing matches taking on Viktor Drago and Danny “Stuntman” Wheeler yourself. On November 27, Creed: Rise to Glory’s first free content update adds the hotly anticipated sequel’s antagonists to the game’s roster of Freeplay and PvP opponents on PlayStation VR.
  8. PlayLink Trivia Game Knowledge is Power: Decades Hits PS4 Today

    While 2017’s Knowledge is Power was all about a world’s worth of knowledge, this time around we’ve focused exclusively on entertainment and pop culture specifically from the last forty years. In Knowledge is Power: Decades, you’ll be travelling through ‘Decades of Trivia’ testing your knowledge on the 80s, 90s, 00s and the 10s.
  9. Dream Daddy: Dadrector’s Cut Launches on PS4 October 30

    Summer 2017 was a simpler time: Despacito ruled the airwaves, fidget spinners were still a hot commodity, I didn’t have crippling anxiety, and the world got to date Dads. Dream Daddy: a Dad Dating Simulator took the world by storm with an extremely specific visual novel about dating Dads that nobody necessarily knew that they wanted, but were seemingly very happy to have.
  10. PS4 Update 6.02 Out Now, Here's What It Does

    We hope you're ready for minor system performance enhancements because Sony has released a new PS4 firmware patch. Beyond the generic, single patch note, it's unclear precisely what this update, version 6.02 does. Either way, the update is available now.
  11. PS Now Adds 10 New PS4 Games, 7-Day Trials Reset

    It’s been about a week since we launched the PS4 game download feature, and we’re adding 10 new PS4 games to the library this month, including Elder Scrolls Online and Sniper Elite 4, bringing the total to over 220 games.
  12. Featured

    Fortnite PS4 Is Getting Cross-Play, Beta Starts Today

    Sony has announced that Cross-Play between PlayStation 4 and other platforms is coming to Fortnite. In a statement posted on the PlayStation Blog, the Sony Interactive Entertainment said it has "identified a path towards supporting cross-platform features for select third-party content.".
  13. Spider-Man PS4 Update: Here Are The Patch Notes

    The latest Spider-Man PS4 update has arrived, and it adds a new feature and a number of other fixes and changes. The new feature is a small but welcome one: the ability to invert the camera horizontally, while Photo Mode gets a new Exposure setting and three new filters.
  14. PlayStation Now Offers Downloading of PS4, PS2 games

    PlayStation Now subscribers will have the option of downloading PlayStation 4 and remastered PlayStation 2 games in the service’s library, Sony announced today. The capability will be rolled out over the next couple of days.
  15. Warface Out on PS4 With New PvP, PvE Content

    We would like to thank our CBT and early access participants. We owe it to your efforts and feedback that allowed us to be more thorough and efficient in the last stages of development. As such, we see no reason to delay the release any longer. Warface is now available at PlayStation Store, with all-new content added!