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  1. PlayStation 5 Controller Patents Show Off Next Gen Design Changes

    The PlayStation 5 is coming, with the next-generation Sony console currently being planned for a Holiday 2020 release.
  2. The Drop: New PlayStation Games For October 15, 2019

    Next week’s got something for everyone — especially if you’re interested in outer space exploration, madcap party game compilations, or lo-fi mystery-solvin’.
  3. Days Gone Adding New Game Plus, More Difficulty Modes

    The PS4 exclusive Days Gone is getting an update soon that will add a few new bells and whistles including a New Game Plus mode. It also packs two more difficulty modes, which can be played fresh or in New Game Plus regardless of your original difficulty setting. The update is coming on September 13.
  4. WWE 2K20 Is All About Firsts

    From your first look at the cover of WWE 2K20, it’s clear that things are going to be different this year. Rather than going with a solo WWE Superstar, we’re featuring both Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch (the first female WWE 2K cover star) and “The Big Dog” Roman Reigns. Both WWE Superstars factor heavily into the game with their own special modes and a blending of new features and content in a way that’s never been done in the WWE 2K franchise before.
  5. Planetary Platformer Gravity Ghost Lands On PS4 Tomorrow

    Hi all! My name is Erin Robinson Swink, and I’m beyond excited to announce that my game Gravity Ghost: Deluxe Edition is coming out tomorrow on the PS4. It’s got an incredible soundtrack by Ben Prunty (FTL, Into the Breach), and an amazing voice cast featuring Ashly Burch (Horizon Zero Dawn, Life is Strange) and Logan Cunningham (Transistor, Bastion).
  6. New Skyforge Update Adds The Firestarter Class

    The universe of Skyforge is vast and ever-expanding, and its planets and races are steeped in lore that spans millennia. Soon, the free Ignition update will rekindle a legend long-forgotten by the peoples of Aelion. With a brand-new class and even more content on the way, we have just one question: are you ready to play with fire?
  7. New PS4 System Update Out Now, Here's What It Does (Not Much)

    Sony has released a new system software update for PS4, but it doesn't add all that much. The brief official patch notes state the update "improves system performance.". The 6.72 update is available now, and it weighs in at around 463 MB. The "system performance" line is a fairly standard one for minor updates like this.
  8. Fast-Paced PvP Shooter Telefrag VR Blazes To PS VR July 19th

    Hey folks. I’m Jakub Kwinta from Anshar Studios, the developers of Detached. I’m happy to announce that our new PvP VR shooter, Telefrag VR, hits PlayStation Store July 19. Check out the game’s gameplay trailer and read on for details about the arsenal of weapons you’ll soon be able to try out on the battlefield.
  9. Sandbox MMORPG Black Desert Hits PS4

    Pearl Abyss is proud to announce that Black Desert will be launching on PlayStation 4 on August 22! Pre-orders begin today, and we’re looking forward to introducing players to the world we’ve created. Black Desert is a revolutionary sandbox MMORPG featuring a player-driven economy, intense real-time combat, and a seamless open world.
  10. Citizens Of Space Launches Tomorrow On PS4

    I’m Ryan Vandendyck, game director for Citizens of Space and the creator of the Citizens franchise, and this is a window into a subtle, but crucially important, the element of the design of the Citizens games — namely, the diversity among the titular Citizens.
  11. Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Be Playable On PS5

    The Final Fantasy VII remake is one of the biggest games at E3 2019, and now we know it's coming to the two highly anticipated next-generation consoles. Publisher Square Enix has all but confirmed the game will be playable on PlayStation 5.
  12. PSN Is Down, Causing Issues For PS4 Online Games

    E3 2019 is winding down, with Thursday marking its final day. Even without Sony at the show, there has been a lot of games for PS4 fans to check out. But those at home looking to boot up their PS4 might find themselves running into issues. Sony has confirmed PSN is down.
  13. The Lord Of The Rings: Adventure Card Game Hits PS4

    Hi everyone, Timothy Gerritsen, Studio Head Fantasy Flight Interactive here. With the release of The Lords of the Rings: Adventure Card Game planned for August 8, we wanted to give the PlayStation community a first overview of the game and initiate your journey through Middle-Earth.
  14. EA Access Coming To PS4 This July

    EA Access is expanding to PlayStation 4 this summer. Starting in July, PS4 owners will be able to take part in the same console subscription service previously exclusive to Microsoft's Xbox One.
  15. Our World Is Ended, Out Today on PS4

    Have you ever taken a trip to Asakusa? It’s a beautiful district of Tokyo that makes you feel like you’re peeking back in time. There’s the historic temple of Sensoji, which overlooks the hubbub of Nakamise: a shopping street filled with all manner of intriguing knickknacks, souvenirs, and traditional snacks.