1. Pokemon Go's Legendary Birds Are Back Again For A Limited Time

    The Ultra Bonus Event is now underway in Pokemon Go, bringing an influx of Gen I Pokemon with it. For a limited time, Pokemon originally found in the Kanto region will appear much more frequently in the wild. That isn't all, however; the three Legendary birds Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres have all also returned to the game, but for only a few days.
  2. Pokémon Go players will soon be able to nominate PokéStops

    The ability to nominate local landmarks as PokéStops has long been coveted by Pokémon Go players. Niantic announced that it plans to implement PokéStop nomination and that the first wave of beta testing would roll out soon. It will be limited to trainers in Brazil and South Korea, and only Level 40 trainers who are over 18.
  3. Pokemon Go Legendary Moltres Returns This Saturday For A Limited Time

    Pokemon Go players will soon have another chance to capture the Legendary Pokemon Moltres. As a reward for completing the Global Challenge during last week's Safari Zone event in Yokosuka, Japan, the Legendary bird will return to Raid Battles this Saturday, September 8, but it'll only be around for a very limited time.
  4. Pokemon Go: Ho-Oh Returning For A Very Limited Time

    Pokemon Go is in the midst of a Gen 2 celebration following the arrival of Celebi earlier this week, and now another Legendary from the Johto region is returning to the game for a limited time. From now until the end of the Johto Week event, players around the world will once again be able to encounter the Rainbow Pokemon Ho-Oh.
  5. Pokemon Go Adding A New Kind Of Berry Through Celebi Research Quest and new shinies

    The Celebi Special Research questline has begun in Pokemon Go, and along with giving players a chance to capture the Mythical Pokemon, it looks like it will introduce a new item to the game. Data miners have discovered the brand-new Silver Pinap Berry within the game's code (via Pokemon Go Hub), and it appears to be the reward for completing one of the latest Special Research tasks.
  6. Pokemon Go's Next Community Day Announced

    Pokemon Go developer Niantic has shared the first details on the game's next Community Day. September's event is scheduled to take place around the world on Saturday, September 22, and it'll feature one of the starter Pokemon from Gold and Silver.
  7. PUBG Mobile Update Adds War Mode, Clan System, And More

    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile's new update adds War Mode, an achievement system, exclusive skins, and more to the game. The update arrives for the mobile title a month after a first-person perspective mode was added in June.
  8. New Pokemon Go Legendary Now Available

    The Legendary Pokemon Regice has now left Pokemon Go, but a new Legendary has taken its place. Registeel, the second of the three Legendary titans originally from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, has begun appearing around the world, and it'll remain in the game until August 21.
  9. Pokemon Go Celebrates Second Anniversary With A Special Pikachu

    Niantic's phenomenally popular mobile game Pokemon Go is celebrating its second anniversary this month, and the developer is commemorating the occasion in a number of ways. First, series mascot Pikachu and its pre-evolved form, Pichu, will appear much more frequently from July 6-31, and players will even have a chance to catch a special version of the Electric mouse for a limited time.
  10. Sunglasses-wearing Squirtle Coming to Pokémon Go

    Remember how, in the original Pokémon anime, the absolute coolest characters were the Squirtle Squad? They were a pack of BAMFs who tagged every wall they could find, wore sunglasses inside and at night, and basically gave zero craps about anything and anyone.
  11. The Walking Dead: Our World Release Date Revealed

    The Walking Dead: Our World was announced about a year ago, and now the mobile AR game has a release date. The game will release on July 12 on both iOS and Android, and will offer a Pokemon Go-style experience where you roam the neighborhood to play--except, of course, you'll be fighting zombies instead of catching pocket monsters.
  12. Pokemon Quest Out For Free On Mobile

    Pokemon Quest, the free-to-play RPG that was surprise-released for Nintendo Switch last month, is now available on mobile as well. You can find it for the low cost of zero dollars on the iOS and Android stores.
  13. Pokemon Go Rotates Lunatone And Solrock For Summer Solstice

    There's no better way to celebrate the longest day of the year than with region-specific Pokemon. As of the summer solstice, Hoenn's Rock and Psychic-types Lunatone and Solrock have swapped regions in Pokemon Go.
  14. Pokemon Go Trading Feature Now Live, But Only For Some

    Niantic finally has fulfilled its long-held promise, and right before Pokemon Go Fest too. You can now trade Pokemon with your friends in Pokemon Go. But there's a catch--you have to be highly levelled to access the feature.
  15. Pokemon Go Adds New Legendary Pokemon

    A new Legendary has begun appearing in Pokemon Go. Regice, one of the three Legendary titans originally from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, can now be found at Gyms around the world as a Raid Battle, where it will appear until July 19.