1. Pokemon Go Won't Work On Some Older iPhones After A Future Update

    Pokemon Go continues to receive new features through regular updates, such as the improved AR mode that rolled out for the game last month. Unfortunately for some players, an upcoming Pokemon Go update will also make it unplayable on some older iPhones. Developer Niantic confirmed that the popular mobile game will soon discontinue support for devices that cannot run the latest version of iOS.
  2. Pokémon Go’s New Regional Exclusives Have Already Moved

    A pair of Pokémon Go’s latest region-exclusive monsters have already shifted to new locations, not long after players pinpointed where they could be found upon release.
  3. Pokemon Go Launched in China

    Pokemon Go has finally been confirmed to launch in China. John Hanke, the CEO of developer Niantic, told Financial Times that the game is coming to the gamer-rich country, though he did not give any indication as to when it would be released. Niantic is working with NetEase to launch Pokemon Go in China. NetEase is a Chinese games company that has also worked with Activision Blizzard to bring World of Warcraft and Overwatch to China.
  4. Civilization VI on iPad is a Marvel

    Civilization 6 was recently released on iPad, which came as something of a surprise. Publisher Aspyr Media had made no previous announcements. This is not some lite version of Civ stripped down for touch-screen, mobile implementation. It’s the whole game. It’s the first time a full Civ game has been released on mobile, though previously we’ve seen arcadey versions like the underwhelming Civilization Revolution.
  5. New Pokemon Go Update Out Now, Here's What's New

    In addition to Pokemon Go's second Christmas event, a new update for the title is now live. The update--version 1.57.5 for iOS and 0.87.5 for Android--isn't nearly as large as the one that introduced Gen 3 Pokemon and weather recently, but it still adds a big new feature to the popular mobile game.
  6. Civilization VI Comes to iPad

    The pricing is essentially unprecedented, even for a mobile port of a full PC/console game. For comparison’s sake, 2K charged $19.99 at launch for the iOS port of XCOM: Enemy Unknown back in 2013. We’ve asked Aspyr and 2K for further details, and will update this article with any information we receive.
  7. Pokemon Go Christmas Event Begins Today

    Pokemon Go's second Christmas event is scheduled to begin very soon. Like last year's holiday event, it introduces new Pokemon to the popular mobile game, makes it easier to get your hands on Pokemon Eggs, and brings back a festive Pikachu for a limited time.
  8. Pokemon Go Update Out Now, Here's What's New

    A ton more Generation 3 Pokemon are now available in Pokemon Go. Developer Niantic has rolled out a huge update for the popular AR game that introduces new monsters from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, as well as a dynamic weather system and other changes.
  9. PUBG Is Heading To Mobile

    A mobile version of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is in development, Tencent announced this week. The mega-publisher is working with developer Bluehole to port the Windows PC hit to smartphones for Chinese audiences.
  10. Pokemon Go Launches New Event

    Pokemon Go's latest event, titled the Global Catch Challenge, is now live worldwide. It tasks players with catching huge numbers of Pokemon to earn rewards for everyone. The top level prize will see Farfetch'd being made available to catch around the world after previously being exclusive to Japan. Japanese players, meanwhile, will receive the previously Australia-exclusive Kangaskhan.
  11. Pokémon Go Update Brings More Pokémon to Catch

    Pokémon Go players can dress their avatars up like the trainers from Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, thanks to a giveaway that’s now live in the mobile game.
  12. Pokemon Go Dev Extends Game's Equinox Event

    Pokemon Go players who were looking to take advantage of the limited-time Equinox event before it concludes may have experienced some trouble connecting to the game yesterday, as a server issue prevented many from logging on for most of the day. Developer Niantic has since resolved the problem, and today the company revealed it will extend the Equinox event to compensate for the outage.
  13. New Pokemon Go Update Out Now

    A new update for Niantic's popular mobile game Pokemon Go has arrived. The newest update fixes a number of bugs, including those related to freezing and crash scenarios. This update also fixes a "motivation decay bug" for Pokemon who have less than 3000 CP.
  14. RuneScape Is Coming To Mobile, Will Be Cross-Play With PC

    RuneScape, that MMO that you probably played in middle or high school, is still around, and developer Jagex announced today that it's coming to mobile devices.
  15. Introducing Crate Clicker: The Newest Clicker Game from GamerCrates

    The newest clicker game on the market, Crate Clicker, is available now on iOS and Android devices. Here I describe the game a little, based on what I got from playing it for a few hours. Hint: It's kind of addicting!