Indie Spotlight

  1. Take-Two announces new indie label, Private Division

    Take-Two Interactive, home to BioShock, Borderlands and Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto, has a new publishing label focused on games from independent developers called Private Division.
  2. Pokémon Uranium - An Amazing New Pokémon Fan Game

    Pokémon is a definitely one of the biggest franchises in gaming, from the classic Pokémon Red to the brand-new Pokémon GO, and with every successful series comes fan-made content, and this is perhaps the best fan game out there. Pokémon Uranium has supposedly been in development for 9 years now, and features 150 new Pokémon, a new region, and a whole new Pokemon type.
  3. Indie Detective Game Aviary Attorney Releases on Steam Today

    In just a few hours, Steam gamers will be able to dust off the old pipe and mete out some justice, avian-style. Take the downtrodden members of 19th-century Paris under your wing, literally, in this unique Indie game by Sketchy Logic.
  4. Experience Interplanetary Warfare in Infinity: Battlescape

    Welcome to Infinity: Battlescape, an upcoming multiplayer space simulator, involving hundreds of players battling for domination across an entire solar system. With seamless planetary transitions and combat spanning from deep space to the surface of alien worlds. Players will have a smooth experience in this brand new game from I-Novae Studios.