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  1. Steam's New Library Overhaul Update Is Now Live

    Steam's library update is here, and you can check out the new features for free by joining the platform's beta program now. Steam outlined some of the features implemented in the new library update.
  2. New Pokemon Sword And Shield Creature Teased

    Pokemon Sword and Shield's release date of November 15 is fast approaching, with new information about the Nintendo Switch games coming all the time. Now, we've got our first glimpse of a new Pokemon who looks a little familiar.
  3. Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Bringing A Heap Of Weapon Damage Changes

    Many of the weapons in Destiny 2 are about to get boosts to their effectiveness, thanks to changes Bungie is making with the release of its Shadowkeep expansion on October 1. The developer has continually detailed changes that are coming with Shadowkeep, and while there won't be a Weapons 2.0 system similar to upcoming armor changes, we are about to see buffs that will make many weapons much more viable throughout the game.
  4. NBA 2K20 Dev Working "Around The Clock" To Fix The Game's Bugs

    NBA 2K20 launched last week, and the release wasn't entirely smooth. Players immediately reported a number of issues, and a Twitter hashtag #fix2k20 even kicked off and caught steam, with players listing off the issues they experienced with the game.
  5. Civilization 6 Now Has A Battle Royale Mode

    What started as an April Fool's joke has become a reality, as turn-based strategy game Sid Meier's Civilization VI sees a battle royale mode called Red Death added to its September update. The update also features a smorgasbord of new content, and it's free for PC owners who own the base game.
  6. Sea Of Thieves’ Smuggler’s Fortune Update Is Now Live, And It Adds Pets

    Sea of Thieves developer Rare is continuing to roll out monthly updates to the game, this time with September’s free Smuggler’s Fortune patch.
  7. Rainbow Six Siege: Ember Rise Update With New Operators Out Today

    Ubisoft's staggered rollout of the next big expansion for Rainbow Six Siege, Ember Rise, has begun. The update is being deployed to PS4, PC, and Xbox One in that order, and all players should have access to it following a maintenance period. Ember Rise is a huge update for the game, introducing new operators and a slate of other content, changes, and improvements.
  8. World Of Warcraft Classic And The Race To World First

    World of Warcraft Classic’s launch was so popular that players could hardly get online. The title is a return to the original days of Blizzard’s MMO, back before players had flying mounts, unlimited ammunition, and new worlds to explore.
  9. Fortnite Patch Notes (Update 10.30) Add Moisty Palms Rift Zone

    Fortnite's new update, version 10.30, is out now on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile, and it's as content-heavy as we've come to expect. A new Rift Zone has appeared, another has brought back an old location, and there are all the usual tweaks to weapon vaulting--check out all the patch notes below.
  10. Fortnite Hotfix Removes The Combat Shotgun

    Fortnite’s patches are normally limited to one per week, but Epic is breaking its pattern to make some big changes to the game. In a hotfix released on Thursday afternoon, Epic removed the Combat Shotgun, one of the best guns in the game, and introduced a few other balance changes.
  11. Ghost Recon Breakpoint Beta Now Available On PC, PS4, And Xbox One

    The beta period for Ghost Recon Breakpoint has begun across all territories. If you pre-ordered the game, or if you were one selected from the pool of sign-ups, you can jump in now to help put the multiplayer through its paces ahead of its October 4 launch.
  12. Your Steam Library Is Getting A Visual Overhaul And New Features

    Steam's long-awaited library redesign finally has a release date. If you have a registered Steam account you'll be able to opt-in to an open beta on September 17 to peruse the library's visual overhaul and try out all the new features.
  13. Days Gone Adding New Game Plus, More Difficulty Modes

    The PS4 exclusive Days Gone is getting an update soon that will add a few new bells and whistles including a New Game Plus mode. It also packs two more difficulty modes, which can be played fresh or in New Game Plus regardless of your original difficulty setting. The update is coming on September 13.
  14. Pokémon Sword And Shield: Character Customization And More

    The newest instalment of Pokémon, Sword and Shield, will have some pretty detailed character customization options, as revealed in today’s Nintendo Direct. Previous games in the series have allowed players to customize their top and bottom clothing, but now it seems we’ll be able to add outerwear, gloves and other accessories.
  15. Cyberpunk 2077 Dev Wants To Fix A Really Annoying RPG Problem

    During its Cyberpunk 2007 deep dive gameplay stream, CD Projekt Red talked at length about various aspects of the upcoming PS4, Xbox One, and PC RPG. One of the interesting tidbits that were discussed was the conflict that can often arise between how items impact the way a character looks and their capabilities.