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  1. The Diamond Casino & Resort Grand Opening – July 23rd

    Experience Excellence. The Diamond Casino & Resort opens for your enjoyment in the heart of Los Santos this Tuesday, July 23. If you’re looking to dive into the action, the casino floor has a selection of activities to enjoy. Play against the house using Chips in Three Card Poker, Blackjack and Roulette.
  2. Rainbow Six Siege Update Makes Big Operator Changes On Test Server

    Rainbow Six Siege developer Ubisoft is trialling some big Operator changes on the game's PC test server. In short, shield Operators are being nerfed, while Nokk and Glazz have been buffed.
  3. Gears 5 Multiplayer Test Download Is Now Available

    The Gears 5 multiplayer technical test kicks off this Friday, July 19. Ahead of that, Microsoft has launched the game's download client, allowing players to download and install it so they can get started exactly when the servers go live.
  4. PUBG Now Has Lore; Here’s Erangel’s Official Story

    A video introducing the game’s Season 4 tells a partial story of the Erangel map. Spoiler alert, the narrator is the lone survivor of an airborne invasion and some fierce fighting there. (As one wiseguy mentioned in the YouTube comments: “That guy got the very first chicken dinner.
  5. Fortnite Patch v9.40 Adds Another New Shotgun

    Fortnite probably didn’t need another shotgun, but patch v9.40 is bringing one anyway. The patch adds a fourth shotgun variety to the game, a few much-needed quality of life buffs, and it even unvaulted the Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle.
  6. Luigi's Mansion 3 Gets The Spookiest Of Release Dates

    The Luigi's Mansion series is the one chance for the Mushroom Kingdom to get a little spooky, so it only makes sense that Luigi's Mansion 3 is releasing on that spookiest of all holidays: all Hallows' Eve, otherwise known as Halloween, or October 31. Nintendo announced the release date in a tweet.
  7. Resident Evil 5 And 6 Switch Release Dates Announced

    Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6 were announced for Nintendo Switch back in June during E3, and now Capcom has announced exactly when they'll release on Nintendo's hybrid system. Not only that, but Capcom announced the Resident Evil Triple Pack for Switch that contains Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil 5, and Resident Evil 6.
  8. FFXIV Shadowbringers First Raid And Update Are Live

    The first update for Final Fantasy XIV's latest expansion, Shadowbringers, is now live and gives players their first wave of post-release content. Patch 5.01 introduces additional quests for those who finished the Shadowbringers main scenario questline under the umbrella of Chronicles of a New Era.
  9. Rainbow Six Siege Update Out Now On PS4, Xbox One

    Ubisoft has revealed the patch notes for Rainbow Six Siege's new Y4S2.2 update, which is available now on PS4 and Xbox One. The patch will seemingly not be released on PC.
  10. New PS4 System Update Out Now, Here's What It Does (Not Much)

    Sony has released a new system software update for PS4, but it doesn't add all that much. The brief official patch notes state the update "improves system performance.". The 6.72 update is available now, and it weighs in at around 463 MB. The "system performance" line is a fairly standard one for minor updates like this.
  11. Borderlands 3 Won't Have Cross-Play At Launch, But It Could Come Later

    Borderlands 3 will not have cross-play support at launch in September, but the feature could be added at some point after release. Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford confirmed this on Twitter.
  12. Pokemon Go Entei Raid Day

    Armored Mewtwo has arrived in Pokemon Go, but that isn't the only Legendary appearing in the hit mobile game this weekend. As a reward for completing enough Global Challenges during the recent Pokemon Go Fest event in Dortmund, Germany, developer Niantic is bringing another one of the three Legendary dogs from Pokemon Gold and Silver, Entei, back to Raid Battles for one day only this Sunday, July 14.
  13. Torchlight Free On The Epic Games Store

    Torchlight, the next free game on the Epic Games Store, is dangling for those who get its download client. The 2009 hack-and-slash role-playing game follows Overcooked as the weekly freebie from the Fortnite folks. Torchlight will be available until July 18.
  14. CoD: Modern Warfare2v2 Gunfight Mode Gameplay Reveal

    In addition to the standard fare like Team Deathmatch, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will feature a brand-new multiplayer mode called Gunfight. Developer Infinity Ward announced on Twitter that it will debut the new, "fast-paced" 2v2 mode during a Livestream event on July 11. The event begins at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET.
  15. Bans Coming For Rainbow Six Siege Chat Cheaters

    If you cheated in Rainbow Six Siege by spamming the shooter’s chat window with garbage, you’re in deep crap. Bans are coming for that today. The recently discovered exploit could either crash the game or make opposing players’ games severely lag, to the point they’d be forced to quit matches. This was, obviously, very disruptive to the game’s ranked competition.