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  1. System Shock Remake an Instant Success

    Although some Kickstarters aren't always a wise investment for backers, it has seemed that Nightdive Studios has struck gold again reaching its goal of $900,000 for the upcoming System Shock remake of the 1994 game. Nightdive Studios has been successful in the past with remaking old titles such as Turok and the original two System Shock games which in turn helped them gain a tremendous amount of credibility.
  2. [UPDATED] A New Fable Card Game Is In The Works

    With the closing of Lionhead Studios back in April and the cancellation of Fable Legends, many fans were wondering if they'd ever see the Fable series again. As it turns out, the answer is yes, and sooner than you think. Sometime this week a Kickstarter is supposed to go up to raise money for a new digital card game, titled Fable Fortune.
  3. Pebble Opens a New Kickstarter, Reveals 3 New Products

    As far as smartwatches go, the Pebble has been considered by many to be the best when it comes to having a product that perfectly combines a simple design, functionality, and affordability. After the massive success of their previous ventures into smartwatch territory, it's no wonder they're back for more.
  4. SmartEgg: The Universal Remote for Your Home

    Controlling all of the smart devices in your home can be quite a tedious task. SmartEgg simplifies the process by allowing you to customize and control everything from your smartphone. One easy to use remote for almost everything in your home.
  5. The i-BLADES Smartcase: Bringing Customizable Features To Your Smartphone

    Everywhere you look someone's got their head buried in their smartphone. While we enjoy these devices, we must accept their limits when it comes to hardware limitations, even if they are extended by phone cases with batteries. Pushing the limit on conventional phone cases is the i-BLADES Smartcase.
  6. Point and Click Your Way Through Victorian London in The Slaughter

    Coming soon to a PC near you is The Slaughter, an indie game that focuses on a serial killer that’s leaving the dangerous streets of Victorian London stained red with blood. Self-tasked with stopping him is Sydney Emerson, a failure of a private investigator. This unlikely hero may not be the one London deserves, but it's the only one it's got.
  7. The Railgun: Bringing Gaming One Step Closer to Reality

    Relatively unknown startup company UzBrainnet, located in Sacramento, CA, has created a Kickstarter funding campaign for a device that may help change how FPS games are played in the future, and they're calling it the Railgun.
  8. Refuge: Only One Can Survive

    Introducing Refuge, a 2 player survival game that brings a twisted take on classic hide and seek gameplay. The developers made the game with one simple goal in mind: kill the other player in whatever way you can. It’s up to you to choose how you want to play, and whether or not you’ll be the killer, or the victim.
  9. PINE A64: A Worthy Challenger to the Raspberry Pi

    Just when you thought you couldn't find anything that has the same cost/performance ratio as the Raspberry Pi, out comes the new PINE A64, a $15 super computer that promises to offer stunning performance at a extremely reduced price. Continue reading to learn more.
  10. SMACH Team Launches Kickstarter for Production of the First Handheld Steam Machines

    Introducing the first handheld that can play Steam games, the Smach Z. The creators of this device have now started a crowdfunding campaign to get this project up and running. Backers that pledge €249 or more will receive one of the very first units!
  11. Artix Entertainment Launches Kickstarter to Fund Cross Platform MMO

    Well known indie developer Artix Entertainment has launched their first crowd sourcing campaign in an attempt to fund a cross platform mmo named Adventure Quest 3D, a game modeled after the extremely popular browser based game Adventure Quest. This comes as a surprise to many fans, as Artix Entertainment has never attempted anything like this to fund a project, always relying on the support of their many fans.
  12. Fleye - A Flying Robot Tailored Towards You

    Haven't we all wanted to have our own robot when we were kids? I know I sure did. It seems as if we are one step closer to that childhood dreams because a new product has just been listed on Kickstarter. Meet Fleye, something that isn't just another typical drone.
  13. Tiny Arcade: A Handheld Arcade Machine

    Do you wish you could go back to the days where Arcades were still popular, well this may be something you were looking for. Meet the Tiny Arcade, a small handheld arcade machine capable of playing some older titles that many of us have come to adore.
  14. CAST: A Home Entertainment Hub

    Have you ever been in the mood to watch a movie with your best friend on Netflix but your physical location was stopping that from happening? Well then meet CAST, a new device that allows you and your friends and family to watch the same content, at the same time, but from different locations!
  15. Gest: A Motion Controller For Your Devices

    Have you ever seen those movies where someone is controlling a hologram image and they're waving their hands all over the place to control their PC? Meet Gest, a motion controller that you wear on your hand. Gest can control your PC and mobile device through different gestures and motions.