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Articles related to Apple

  1. Apple's New Login Button Has Met Mixed Reviews

    While Apple has introduced numerous advancements in the world of technology, they sometimes follow the path of others with one goal in mind: do it better. Such was the case earlier this month during the technology giant's annual developer conference.
  2. Discord’s iPhone app suffers major crashes, glitches with iOS 11 update

    Reports of not being able to post photos, speaker issues. If you’re using Discord’s iPhone app and have updated to iOS 11, you might have noticed a few problems.
  3. Apple Overhauls iOS With AR Gaming And App Store Revision

    Today, Apple released iOS 11 to the public, and it includes new features for gaming on the platform. These additions are two-fold; the App Store sports a redesign that dedicates more space to games, and augmented reality (AR) games built with ARKit are now part of the ecosystem.
  4. iPhone X Announced

    Apple has announced iPhone X, the tenth iteration of its flagship phone. The new handset made its debut during the Apple Keynote 2017 and features an edge-to-edge display with an all-glass design covering both the front and back. This glass is water and dust resistant "at a microscopic level," according to Apple.
  5. Apple's iPhone 8 Event Confirmed, Here's When All Will Be Revealed

    Apple has confirmed it will hold its next big conference on September 12 in Cupertino, California, where it is expected to reveal its new iPhone 8. In an invite (via CNET), the company announced the event will happen at 10 AM PT / 1 AM ET / 6 PM BST (3 AM AET on September 13 in Australia).
  6. Virtual reality support officially coming to MacBooks and MacOS

    Apple today announced MacOS support for SteamVR as well as external GPU enclosure support. The news came during Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference. Apple demonstrated the capabilities of VR on a MacBook by showing off a Vive HTC demo.
  7. Apple’s new App Store redesign comes with big changes for Games

    Apple announced today that it was introducing a completely new and redesigned App Store as part of its iOS 11 update that comes with some major changes, including a redesigned Games section. In a demo showed off off on stage, Apple announced that App Store users would be able to watch Let’s Play videos in-app, along with new videos from developers and editors in the section.
  8. Apple Launches Red iPhone

    If red's your color, Apple has a phone for you. The company has unveiled a new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in a bright red aluminum finish. CEO Tim Cook said the phone marks Apple's 10-year partnership with Bono's charity Red, which funds projects to stop the global spread of AIDS and help those living with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa.
  9. Apple Adding Indie Showcase to App Store

    Apple is betting heavily on independent game creators, adding a permanent section called Indie Showcase to its App Store, encouraging users to buy and play more independent games. The section kicked off today and will run indefinitely, according to Apple, featuring new games daily, along with highlighting older titles.
  10. Apple’s WWDC moves to San Jose

    Apple’s 28th annual Worldwide Developers Conference, which runs from June 5 to June 9, is moving to San Jose, the company announced this morning. The annual event is often where the company announces new devices, upgrades to existing devices and talks about software implementation.
  11. Minecraft coming to Apple TV

    Mojang’s, Minecraft, a perennial best-seller on Apple’s App Store, is making the jump to another Apple platform: Apple TV.
  12. Apple Delays AirPod Launch

    The technology giant told GameSpot's sister site, CNET that it needs "a little more time" to finish the product before launch. "The early response to AirPods has been incredible," a spokesperson told CNET. "We don't believe in shipping a product before it's ready, and we need a little more time before AirPods are ready for our customers."
  13. iOS 10 Rolling Out Worldwide Today

    With a new iDevice comes a new iOS update, and this year we get iOS 10. The milestone software version is set to bring plenty of new features and additions, as well as redesigning some of the older applications. iOS 10 is slated to release on Tuesday, September 13.
  14. The Apple Event In a Nutshell

    Today, September 7, 2016, marks the day of Apple's keynote where they unveiled the iPhone 7 and the 7 Plus, the Apple Watch 2, new EarPods and wireless AirPods, and the new generation of the iWork suite. Apple also commented on the app store and introduced Nintendo into the fold of mobile gaming.
  15. Apple's New Patent on Camera Usage

    Apple's patent, which will allow them to use infrared signals to block the iPhone camera at certain venues to prevent malicious reproduction of concerts and theaters, has finally been approved by the US Patent and Trademark Office.