Castle Crashers Xbox One Release Date Confirmed

The Behemoth announced earlier this week that Castle Crashers Remastered will be launching on September 9th for the Xbox One.
By Inkd · Sep 6, 2015 · Updated Sep 6, 2015
  1. Inkd
    Castle Crashers, the extremely popular side-scrolling 'beat-em-up' adventure game, debuted on the Xbox 360 on August 27th, 2008, and was later released on the PlayStation 3 on August 31st, 2010 and then later debuted on Steam on August 2012. The Behemoth, a private video game development studio best-known for creating fun and original 2D style titles such as the critically acclaimed Alien Hominid and Battle Block Theater, announced earlier this week that Castle Crashers Remastered will be launching on September 9th for the Xbox One.

    According to a blog post created by Dan Paladin, one of the Castle Crashers designers, it stated that this new version of the game will include several minor changes. For example, the most significant change is a new multiplayer mini-game entitled Back Off Barbarian that will be available after the remastered version releases. Furthermore, the ability to find games with other online players will be much easier and quicker. In addition to this, there will be multiple performance updates and gameplay tweaks.

    What about the price? Castle Crashers Remastered on Xbox One will be $14.99, which is the exact same price that the original title costs. Although, if you had already purchased the title on Xbox 360, Xbox Live Gold members can download it for free through September 20th, which is quite the steal.

    While we are on the discussion of prices, the developers mentioned something regarding Xbox One Backwards Compatibility. "In the nearish future, Castle Crashers will be playable on Xbox One at some point with Xbox One Backwards Compatibility," read the blog. "Yes that’s right, if you have the original Castle Crashers on Xbox 360 you can play it for free on your Xbox One once backwards compatibility launches broadly in Fall 2015 and the 360 title is released!"

    Behemoth Blog

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  1. Colibra 7s
    This game is the bomb that's all you need to know it's so fun I use to play for hours with my friends. All you can quaff demolished my controllers.
  2. Wavy
    Never played it, although many of my friends back on 360 have. Anyone recommend? Should I try this out?
  3. Lurch Skywalker
    Well I hope this comes out on PS4. I used to have it on the previous generation, but I switched over to having a PS4. I'm happy about my choice, but it is lame having to abandon all those games..
  4. 3xTiNcT
    Well I should be getting it for free...
  5. Jacob Frye
    This looks promising, I might actually buy it. :biggrin:
  6. coolbunnymodz
    Cannot wait holy crap.
  7. The Awesome Guy
    Definitely picking this up! The Behemoth has another game coming out too, called Pit People.
  8. Pyroman
    Can't for this, I loved playing it with my brothers on the 360, then playing it all over again on Pc, and now on the Xbox one.
  9. Plopawert
    Is there any way to purchase this without having an Xbox One? Maybe online? I own the 360 version so I wonder if there is a way to get it saved on Xbox One (Like Games with Gold has done) for the inevitable day when I get my Xbox One.
  10. Teen Gohan
    I didn't know how much I needed this in my life until now.