The Nintendo eShop isn't known for offering many enticing sales, but this week players can save on a number of Capcom titles for both 3DS and Wii U.

On the handheld front, 3DS owners can snag some of the publisher's best releases at a nice discount, including Mega Man Legacy Collection ($6), Resident Evil: Revelations ($10), Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy ($15), and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies ($10.19). All three of Capcom's Monster Hunter titles are on sale as well; Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is available for $8, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for $12, and the most recent entry, Monster Hunter Generations, runs for $20.

Wii U owners have a much slimmer selection, though they can still get steep savings on some great titles. Like their 3DS counterparts, Resident Evil Revelations is on sale for $10, while Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate runs for $8. DuckTales Remastered is also on sale this week for $3.74.

The Capcom eShop sale is going on now and runs until Monday, June 5. You can find the full list of discounted titles on Nintendo's website.

Source: GameSpot