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Capcom is now up for sale


One of the biggest gaming companies in the world ‘Capcom’ is now officially up for sale. Capcom is up for sale because shareholders of the colossal company voted against renewing their ‘takeover defense’ policy. The takeover defense policy was instated in 2008 and insured that Capcom was safe against a "hostile takeover" and will remain an independent company.

The announcement was made June 16th after the shareholder's held a meeting discussing the takeover defense policy. Since that point, whoever decides to purchase at least 50% of the company through stock will have a huge decision in which way the company will go. Little is known about why the shareholders decided to vote against reinstating the takeover defense policy. After the announcement, many people started to speculate that this will be the utter end for Capcom as we know it, while others decided to guess which major company could possibly buy it and started looking for motives.

What the sale of Capcom would mean for gamers is that some of their favorite Capcom series, such as Dead Rising, Devil May Cry, Resident Evil, Street Fighter, or Mega Man, may soon be exclusive to one console such as Xbox or Playstation.

If major companies, like Nintendo, Microsoft, or Sony, were to buy Capcom it would certainly give that particular company an extremely high boost in sales which would ultimately give them a boost in the highly debated console wars. Microsoft is currently trying to close the gap between their Xbox One sales and Sony's Playstation 4 sales, so buying Capcom definitely sounds like a plausible and promising idea.

What do you guys think? Which company do you think will buy Capcom?

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