Call of Duty's VR experience, Jackal Assault, will be free to everyone on PlayStation 4, Activision announced today.

When it was first announced, Activision said Jackal Assault would be free to everyone who buys Infinite Warfare on PS4, not unlike the VR mode coming for free to Star Wars Battlefront owners on PS4. That changed today--a blog post detailing Infinite Warfare's features states Jackal Assault will be "available to all PS4 owners, not just for players who have purchased the game, as a free, added bonus on November 4."

Come Friday, anyone on PS4 will be able to download Jackal Assault from the PS VR section of the PlayStation Store. You will, however, need a PS VR headset in order to actually play it.

Jackal Assault was revealed during the annual Call of Duty XP event in September. The PS VR "experience," as Activision puts it, "immerses you in the cockpit of a Jackal, the personal, multi-role fighter jet" from Infinite Warfare.

We got to try it at TGS and thought it looked fantastic, though we found it to cause motion sickness, as noted in the video above. Your experience may vary of course, and at least you'll now be able to try it for yourself without spending a penny.

Source: GameSpot