Call of Duty: WWII's third expansion, United Front, is now available for PS4. The DLC pack introduces an assortment of new content to the World War II shooter, including a handful of maps, a new War mode mission, and the next chapter in the Nazi Zombies story.

Those who purchase the United Front pack will get three new maps for Call of Duty: WWII's multiplayer mode. The first, Market Garden, is a fast-paced arena that forces players into close-quarters confrontations. The second, Monte Cassino, takes place in a "war-torn village" and emphasizes verticality with its many rooftops and other high vantage points. The final map, Stalingrad, is based on the largest confrontation in WWII and features two bases that are located on opposite sides of the war zone.


In addition to the new maps, United Front introduces a new mission for War mode called Operation Supercharge. In this mission, players are dropped in Tunisia and must push into a Nazi-controlled village and capture key supplies there. After that, they must destroy a key transport bridge and then capture "entrenched Axis fortifications."

Finally, United Front adds a new chapter for Nazi Zombies mode called The Tortured Path. This installment has players trying to stem the advance of the Axis's undead army. "Players must uncover the lost forges of ancient Thule, make the sword whole again, and also deliver a final death to the Undead in this all-new Zombies experience," Activision says. You can watch us play through a portion of the new Nazi Zombies chapter above.

Like Call of Duty: WWII's previous two DLC packs, United Front can be purchased individually for US $15 / £11.59 / AU $20.45. It's also included as part of the game's US $50 / £40 / AU $65 season pass, which grants access to all of Call of Duty: WWII's DLC packs as they release. Activision hasn't announced when United Front will launch for Xbox One and PC, but thanks to an exclusivity agreement with Sony, Call of Duty DLC typically arrive on those platforms about a month after it hits PS4.

Source: GameSpot