Call of Duty: WWII is getting a new DLC pack soon, but that's not the only thing that's coming. Developer Sledgehammer also recently announced an overhaul of the game's playable classes, called Divisions. And from the first details, it appears that it'll bring about quite the change to multiplayer.

The overhaul is sweeping and affects every Division in the game. Some of the tweaks swap out gear perks, while others boost certain stats. Overall, the update reshuffles certain skills and perks while also applying some changes to all Divisions.

For example, Call of Duty: WWII will now have unlimited sprint for all Divisions, although the sprint speed has gone down. Certain Division-specific abilities have been changed as a result; for instance, Infantry no longer grants players a longer sprint, but in exchange, it boosts movement speed while aiming down sights.

The Armored Division has, in particular, received a big buff as a result of the universal change of giving all Divisions at least one Lethal and one Tactical equipment (Expeditionary gets two of each). Armored players now take much less explosive and fire damage, are immune to Shell Shock and Tactical equipment and have greatly reduced flinch when shot. LMGs, when mounted on bipods, also pull first from reserve ammo and then from the currently loaded clip. All of this means that Armored and LMGs will likely be much more attractive.

The full list of patch notes is expansive; you can see the whole thing below. The update is expected to go live on Tuesday, April 10, on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. In other news, Call of Duty: WWII's next DLC pack is also arriving on April 10, and it includes a War Mode map that features dogfighting.

Patch Notes

  • Additional Primary Attachment
  • Second Pistol Attachment and swap weapons faster
  • While aiming down sights, have less idle sway
  • Move faster while aiming
  • Fire guns while sprinting and diving
  • Reload while sprinting
  • Climb over obstacles faster and no damage from falling
  • Sprint faster over time
  • Take significantly less explosive & fire damage
  • Immune to Shell Shock and Tactical Equipment
  • Increased bullet penetration through surfaces
  • Greatly reduced flinch when shot
  • Invisible to enemy Recon Aircraft and controlled streaks
  • Killed enemy death locations are hidde
  • No name or reticle change when enemies aim at you
  • Silent movement
  • Double Lethal and Tactical and enhanced equipment use
  • Munitions replenish from killed enemies and over time
  • Improved Tacticals & Easier to destroy War buildables
  • Equipment damage paints enemies on mini-map
  • Mini-map indicator & scrambler of close hostiles
  • Enemy movements are easier to hear
  • Kills and assists grant Intel Ping of nearby enemies
  • Easier to spot targets & increased mini-map coverage
Loadout Selection Changes:
  • LMG Bipod and Sniper Sharpshooter are automatically available when using an LMG or Sniper
  • Remaining Division Skills (weapon class attachments) are selectable in CAC (and no longer given by division)
  • Each Division has a fourth perk and their levels have been adjusted and rebalanced
  • All players have unlimited sprint and sprint speed is slightly slower
  • 3 Primary Attachments for all loadouts
  • One piece of both Lethal and Tactical equipment for all loadouts
  • Launchers can be equipped for all loadouts
  • The Rifle Grenade is an available attachment for all rifles
  • The Suppressor is an available attachment for all pistols
    • The Pistol Suppressor has a 15% range reduction vs. the SMG Suppressor's 30% range reduction
  • The following Basic Trainings are cut and no longer selectable: Primed and Bang
    • Prestige tokens spent on these are refunded and associated challenges are auto-completed
  • The following Basic Trainings are newly added: Blitzkrieg and Clandestine
    • Blitzkrieg: Streaks are earned by Kills (instead of Score). Bonus: Streaks are improved and select the fourth Streak.
    • Clandestine: Slain enemies drop Intel Packs that reveal nearby hostiles. Bonus: Intel ping at the start of each life
Resistance/Infantry Shifts:
  • Moved "Second pistol attachment and swap weapons faster" to Infantry to align with its marksmanship focus
  • Filled gap in Resistance with "Enemy movements are easier to hear" to align with its counter-intelligence focus
Weapon/Mechanic Tuning Changes:
  • Global sprint speed reduced (to account for Unlimited Sprint)
    • 1.3x instead of previously 1.4x
  • Reduced Launcher effectiveness against players
    • Panzerschreck nerfed damage and projectile speed
    • Bazooka buffed radius, buffed projectile speed, and nerfed damage
    • Bazooka should more reliably give hitmarkers than before and increased projectile speed should make it better than Panzer against streaks.
  • Frag and Sticky grenade max damage nerfed
    • ~10% max damage reduction to account for all players having both Lethal and Tactical and address existing complaints of grenade spam
  • Shellshock and Earthquake effects from Lethal Equipment significantly reduced
    • Reduced effect radius and duration to address existing complaints and account for all players having both Lethal and Tactical
  • Tactical Equipment strength adjusted
    • All tacticals without Expeditionary III got a small nerf
    • Smoke lasts 10 seconds (previously: 14 seconds; Expeditionary III: 14 seconds)
    • Signal Flare lasts 3.5 seconds (previously: 5 seconds; Expeditionary III: 5.5 seconds)
    • Stun effects last between 1.75-3.5 seconds (previously: 2-4 seconds; Expeditionary III: 2.5-4.25 seconds)
    • Tabun Gas deals 1 dmg every 1 second 5 times (previously: 10 dmg every 1 second 5 times; Expeditionary III: 5 dmg every 0.625 seconds 8 times)
  • The following Basic Trainings have had their benefits changed:
    • Energetic: Adds "Increased sprint speed." Removes "Sprint again sooner"
    • Forage: Adds "Resupply bullets over time." Adds "Extra magazines." Removes "Swap weapons faster."
    • Ordnance: Adds “Killed enemies drop Streak packs that fill your meter”. Removes “Re-roll your own care packages”.
    • Launched: Adds “Additional launcher ammunition”. Removes “Only way to take a Launcher”.
    • Concussed: Adds “Take two pieces of Lethal & Tactical equipment”. Removes “presetting what the equipment is”.
    • Instincts: Adds “Immune to Shell Shock and Tactical Equipment”. Esports-only change to remove “warning when targeted off-screen” benefit (with the intention for this BT to be unbanned by MLG and used in competitive to counter Tacticals).
  • Incendiary Shells attachment buffed
    • Gives Additional Shells (7 for Combat Shotgun; 8 for all other shotguns)
    • Range reduction of Shells buffed to -10% from -15%
    • Sped up loading of shells for Combat Shotgun
  • M30 Rifle Bullet ammo buffed
    • Gives Additional Bullets (8 bullets instead of previous 6)
  • LMG Bipod Buffed
    • Increased fire rate while mounted (+9% which is equal to Rapid Fire attachment for LMGs [which stacks])
    • Firing while mounted initially draws ammo from reserve then once exhausted draws from the current clip (removing the need to reload).
  • Sniper Sharpshooter Duration Buffed
    • Hold breath increased to 10 seconds from 4 seconds. Promotes using snipers the "proper" way rather than quickscoping.
  • Buffed "Take Significantly less fire & explosive damage" from Armored
    • 80% reduction from fire and explosive damage (previously was 65% reduction)
  • "Reduced idle sway" from Infantry III & Scoped now affects snipers
    • 30% reduction for Snipers; vs. all other weapon classes' 65% reduction
    • This does stack with Ballistic Calibration attachment
  • Buffed "Move faster while aiming" from Infantry IV and Scoped
  • Maintained separation between weapon classes (Sniper < LMG < Rifle < SMG < Pistol / Shotgun)
    • LMGs mostly got their ADS firing speed buffed since that was previously very slow even with Infantry IV
    • Snipers got a smaller buff than other weapon classes since it isn't beneficial to move too fast
    • Pistols and Shotguns already equaled non-ads speed with Infantry IV so they were not adjusted

Source: GameSpot