Call of Duty: WWII expands today with the addition of a new map pack. This add-on is called The Resistance, and it's out now for the PS4. However Xbox One and PC Players will have to wait.

The pack comes with three normal multiplayer maps, called Valkyrie, Anthropoid, and Occupation. It also features a new War mode map, titled Operation Intercept, which requires one side to rescue Resistance fighters and escape. Finally, the pack comes with a new Nazi Zombies mode, The Darkest Shore.

While we don't know yet when The Resistance will launch on the Xbox One or PC. Those platforms typically have to wait approximately one month for Call of Duty DLC thanks to Sony's timed exclusivity deal with Activision. We do know the pack will set you back $15 / £11.59 / AU $20.45; it's also included with Call of Duty: WWII's season pass, which costs $50 / £40 / AU $65.

Source: GameSpot