Call of Duty: WWII has added two new modes to the roster of permanent playlists. Originally released only for a limited time, the fan-favorite Gun Game and Prop Hunt modes are now available permanently in the multiplayer shooter on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

In Gun Game, you start with a pistol move up with every kill. Getting killed with a melee attack sets you back a tier. Prop Hunt, meanwhile, is a more casual, party mode where players on one side are disguised as map elements like a sandbag or a barrel while the other team hunts them down.

Developer Sledgehammer Games has made a big change for Gun Game to help improve the experience. The mode had a problem with people being AFK, but an adjustment to the game logic now means that those who do no damage for 5 minutes will get booted.

"Thank you for all your helpful feedback in helping us make these modes as fun and satisfying as they can be. Now get in there and have fun!" Sledgehammer said in a Reddit post.

Source: GameSpot