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Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remaster Confirmed, Legacy Edition Announced


The rumors indeed have come true for Call of Duty fans today, as Infinity Ward announced in their trailer of Infinite Warfare that a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare remaster will be included in the Legacy and Deluxe editions of the game. It will include a full revamp of the campaign, as well as ten different Multiplayer maps for players to enjoy. Crash, Backlot, and Crossfire are three of the maps so far that have been confirmed for the remaster. Infinity Ward themselves promised that the game will have "vibrant, current generation visuals", as well as improved textures and revamped animations. However, one big kicker to this is that Infinity Ward will not be the ones doing the developing on the remaster. That job will be up to Raven Studios, Activision's subsidiary company. Infinity Ward will obviously be involved in the production of the game, as they are the executive producers and the original creators.

There are several editions of Infinite Warfare set to release this upcoming November. For those that want to chip in the extra $30, both the Legacy and Digital Legacy Editions are set at $80 each. That includes a copy of Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered. The Digital Deluxe Edition will include a copy of both games, as well as the Season Pass for Infinite Warfare for only $100. Players that wish to go all out will enjoy Legacy Pro Edition, which includes a copy of both games, the Season Pass, a collectible Steelbook, the official game soundtrack, and some bonus digital items that have not been stated yet for a whopping $120.

Activision and Infinity Ward have been teasing players for the past week about having a remastered Call of Duty included with their newest game, but it's nice to finally see these rumors being confirmed by them rather than having constant speculation. It's also a little strange to see another studio handling such a large project, however, Raven Studios seems to be very excited to tackle it. A quote from the head of Raven Studios Brian Raffel reads, "The original Modern Warfare raised the bar on video games and forever will be remembered as one of the best. It's an honor to be developing the remaster and we are committed to faithfully remastering this classic for Call of Duty fans." It seems like they are doing quite the job already, from what was shown in the last thirty seconds of the trailer for Infinite Warfare. For those that missed it, you can catch watch it in its entirety here.
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