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Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remaster Confirmed, Legacy Edition Announced

In the newest trailer that was released yesterday on Call of Duty's Youtube Page, Infinity Ward confirmed the rumors that a remastered version of...
  1. Frost

    The rumors indeed have come true for Call of Duty fans today, as Infinity Ward announced in their trailer of Infinite Warfare that a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare remaster will be included in the Legacy and Deluxe editions of the game. It will include a full revamp of the campaign, as well as ten different Multiplayer maps for players to enjoy. Crash, Backlot, and Crossfire are three of the maps so far that have been confirmed for the remaster. Infinity Ward themselves promised that the game will have "vibrant, current generation visuals", as well as improved textures and revamped animations. However, one big kicker to this is that Infinity Ward will not be the ones doing the developing on the remaster. That job will be up to Raven Studios, Activision's subsidiary company. Infinity Ward will obviously be involved in the production of the game, as they are the executive producers and the original creators.

    There are several editions of Infinite Warfare set to release this upcoming November. For those that want to chip in the extra $30, both the Legacy and Digital Legacy Editions are set at $80 each. That includes a copy of Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered. The Digital Deluxe Edition will include a copy of both games, as well as the Season Pass for Infinite Warfare for only $100. Players that wish to go all out will enjoy Legacy Pro Edition, which includes a copy of both games, the Season Pass, a collectible Steelbook, the official game soundtrack, and some bonus digital items that have not been stated yet for a whopping $120.

    Activision and Infinity Ward have been teasing players for the past week about having a remastered Call of Duty included with their newest game, but it's nice to finally see these rumors being confirmed by them rather than having constant speculation. It's also a little strange to see another studio handling such a large project, however, Raven Studios seems to be very excited to tackle it. A quote from the head of Raven Studios Brian Raffel reads, "The original Modern Warfare raised the bar on video games and forever will be remembered as one of the best. It's an honor to be developing the remaster and we are committed to faithfully remastering this classic for Call of Duty fans." It seems like they are doing quite the job already, from what was shown in the last thirty seconds of the trailer for Infinite Warfare. For those that missed it, you can catch watch it in its entirety here.

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  1. DatEnglishRose
    They must be struggling with sales if they have to bundle their best game with what I assume will be their worst game. If these were separate, IW will probably sell 3 copies.
      R0SC0E likes this.
  2. coolbunnymodz
    God almighty the nostalgia... Cannot wait to join the plethora of folks buying the legacy edition solely for the remaster.
  3. danguy2009
    I just read an article on another site that stated that it wont be sold as standalone :frown:

    Also I think that MW will be baked into the menus for IW. 3 reasons why, the download for MW is only around 104mb. This quote..
    And specifically this...
  4. Vino
    I'm excited for COD 4, but the way they're handling this is poor. I definitely do not want to pay $80 for a remaster. Plus, there's only half the maps. There also will be significantly less players than there would be if they released it as a standalone. Overall, pretty disappointing. Hopefully someone I game share with buys the Legacy edition of IW, because I sure am not.
      Echo and FrazzleFrazer like this.
    1. Frost
      To be honest, you could easily re-sell Infinite Warfare to someone who wants it and get at least $50 for it. They're only asking for $20 for the remaster and $20 for the Season Pass, which is pretty generous to me.
    2. Vino
      I'd easily pay the $20 for the remaster if it weren't bundled. It seems to me that they're:

      A. Being money hungry as always.
      B. Afraid the COD4 remake would outsell the new COD.

      This is just my take on it, but that's what it seems like to me.
      Echo likes this.
    3. Frost
      Well of course, they need to make money somehow and they know that most of their fanbase would pay top dollar for a remastered game, especially Modern Warfare.
  5. IWillDDoSYourCouch
    Well, I was proved wrong. When I thought Activision couldn't do anything right, THEY FINALLY DO SOMETHING RIGHT. They're finally throwing us back to the good ol' days in COD 4.

    Get ready COD fans because it's going to be a nostalgic trip!
    1. AlienFreek01
      Yeah but it will cost $90 to have access, and you will only have access to half the maps in multiplayer. They will always find a way to f*** up
  6. GH0ST_OP
    Already preordered (: Can't wait!

    It better not have microtransactions or other BS!
    1. IWillDDoSYourCouch
      i think it's only the campaign so they wouldn't put in supply drops.

      You only have to buy a supply drop to get the game
    2. GH0ST_OP
      No it includes 10 MP maps and is a separate game download.
  7. 3xTiNcT
    They should really include all the multiplayer maps but knowing them they'll make us pay for a season pass to get them as DLC...
      Keeley Hazell likes this.
    1. Keeley Hazell
      I doubt they'll add anything in knowing them :/. if anything I'm hoping they either add all of the maps in eventually for free or possibly even better I think(highly doubtful).. bring in a map(s) from mw2 or something kind of like what Gears of War UE did with Gears 2 and 3 maps.. Maybe Terminal or Highrise
    2. AlienFreek01
      If they can't even bring the cod 4 maps, there not going to bring the mw2 maps
    3. Keeley Hazell
      That's why I said "(highly doubtful)" lol but yea
  8. FrazzleFrazer
    I would buy this as a stand alone but I'm not paying for their new rubbish cods just to play the old one. Bad patter activison bad patter indeed.
      Echo likes this.
    1. Frost
      Well, I mean it is pretty reasonable if you think about it. $20 for a remastered COD? Not too bad, just ****** you have to pay $60 for that other game.
      Keeley Hazell likes this.
    2. Keeley Hazell
      Agreed ^. I'll probably redeem the code and sell it or if that isn't an option for some reason i'll snap the bloody disc in half.. lol. I know a lot of ppl complain about CoD but finding out the setting of this new one has really just made me lost faith for good.. (Sledgehammer in 2017, oh god)
  9. Han
  10. Hovi
    There are no words for just how hyped I am for this. I'm literally buying the next Call of Duty just for this.

      Beardyman, Keeley Hazell and Echo like this.
    1. Frost
      So are 95% of COD players. It's gonna be impossible for them to keep players on the Infinite Warfare servers, too many people will be playing COD4.
      Keeley Hazell likes this.
    2. Keeley Hazell
      Which is why they made it only available if you buy their stinking piece of crap lol. I'm so mad but I got $ so f*** it.. I knew Activision would be low... Atleast 343 didn't be greedy with Halo #FreeCod4
      Echo likes this.