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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Patch Notes Detail All the Changes

A new update for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has arrived in time for this weekend's double XP weekend event, and Infinity Ward has now released...
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    A new update for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has arrived in time for this weekend's double XP weekend event, and Infinity Ward has now released the full patch notes.

    The update deals primarily with multiplayer but also makes some tweaks and fixes for its Zombies in Spaceland mode. On the multiplayer side, scorestreaks used in Frontline mode now provide team score based on where the user is located. The Volk has been nerfed, doing less damage at range, having more recoil when aiming down sights, and being less accurate when fired from the hip. And Rigs are now unlocked as they should be when you unlock any of their packages (rather than just the first one).

    On the Zombies side, you'll now see a splash screen when you rank up with a weapon. An exploit allowing weapons to be ranked up much more quickly than intended has been removed, and solo players won't find their match end if the Hoff is active.

    A subsequent update made some further changes to multiplayer playlists. It adds Infected and Hardcore Free For All on all platforms, removes Hardcore Defender on PS4 and Xbox One, and adds Hardcore Kill Confirmed on consoles.

    You can see the full list of changes in both of these updates below or in Infinity Ward's post on Reddit.

    Even more detailed patch notes for the PC version's latest updates have been shared on Steam. This includes information on not just general gameplay fixes, but PC-only changes like the addition of an option to support raw mouse input.

    Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Patch Notes

    • Infected has been added back to all platforms
    • Hardcore FFA has been added to all platforms
    • Hardcore Kill Confirmed has been added to PS4 and Xbox
    • Hardcore Kill Confirmed replayed Hardcore Defender in the Moshpit on PC
    • Removed Hardcore Defender from PS4 and Xbox
    • Reintroduced SnD into PC Moshpits


    • Scorestreaks now give team score based on where the owner is on the map in Frontline
    • Double XP UI added
    • Volk Tuning: reduced damage range, reduced hip fire accuracy, more violent ADS view kick
    • Infected: Inactivity kick (Infected will be added back shortly)
    • Infected: always turn initial infected to normal infected if a survivor suicides
    • Frost: spawn additional out of bound trigger to catch dropped bombs by sub wallrun
    • Rigs are now properly unlocked when ANY of their rig packages are unlocked, rather than just the first one.
    • Speculative fix for a crash in the wild
    • Fix for split screen weapon streaming

    Zombies in Spaceland
    • Added a weapon rank upgrade splash when that weapon reaches a new rank.
    • Don't end the game in solo if The Hoff is active
    • Correctly handle Coupon Clipper FnF card when used to call in The Hoff V3.
    • Fixed an exploit where players can double jump after respawing from dying via a kill trigger.
    • Weapon upgrade powerup fixes.
    • Fixed an exploit where players who played both MP and CP would get drastically increased Weapon XP gains

    Source: GameSpot

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  1. IJayI
    WHAT?!?! do we know when or if they will bring back HC defender??? that gave the most XP
  2. Keeley Hazell
    WHERE IS COD4 double XP? I'm starting to hate Infinity Ward more than EA
      Itssodank likes this.