Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is about a month away from release, but if you preordered the next entry in the shooter series, you'll get access to the multiplayer beta. Activision has shared some details on what players can expect from the upcoming test.

The beta consists of two phases, which run from October 14-17 and October 21-24. PS4 players get into both phases, while Xbox One users will only have access to the second. PC players don't get access to either of the beta periods.

When you gain access to the beta, you'll be able to play on three of the game's maps. These include Frontier, a circular two-lane map set on a space station near Neptune; Frost, a three-lane research facility set on one of Jupiter's moons; and Throwback, a three-lane map that's a throwback to 1950s USA.

On these maps, you'll be able to play a selection of modes that will rotate throughout the beta. These include classics like Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Kill Confirmed, in addition to some new modes. One of these is Defender, which tasks players with grabbing a drone and defending it for as long as possible.

Additionally, you'll be able to play as three of the six Combat Rigs available in the full game. Each Rig specializes in a specific type of combat and can be equipped with one Payload and one Trait.


The first Rig is Warfighter, which is best suited for mid-range gameplay with weapons like SMGs and assault rifles. Its Payloads include Claw, a spread-shot weapon that has ricocheting bullets; Combat Focus, which gives the player double points and can get you to a scorestreak more quickly; and Overdrive, a speed boost. In addition to these special abilities, Warfighter has multiple Traits that can help it highlight nearby enemies, keep scorestreak counts from resetting, and keep supplies stocked.

The second Rig players will be able to get their hands on is Merc, which specializes in heavy weapons and defense. Payloads at its disposal include Steel Dragon, a multi-targetable beam weapon; Bull Charge, a shield that lets you charge enemies; and Reactive Armor, an electromagnetic charge that protects you from oncoming fire. Its Traits allow you to quickly regenerate health, ignore the weight of heavy weapons, and execute an area-of-effect ground pound attack.

The last Rig available in the beta is Synaptic, a droid that's built for speed and close-quarters combat. It uses Payloads like Equalizer, dual suppressed machine guns; Reaper, which is a four-legged fast melee mode; and Rewind, which works like Tracer from Overwatch's Recall ability: It rewinds your position, replenishing ammo and health along the way. Traits include abilities that give you a speed boost, a jump pack that damage enemies underneath you, and a quick horizontal dash.

A new feature of Infinite Warfare's multiplayer is a metagame called Mission Teams. You can enlist with one of the teams and complete missions for them to increase your team rank. Two teams are available in the beta. You can enlist with the JTF Wolverines when you start, and as you progress, you'll be able to join the Orion Initiative. Each team has its own commander that gives missions, and ranking up earns you team-exclusive rewards like special cosmetic items and prototype weapons.

You can read more about everything the beta contains on Activision's blog.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare releases November 4 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Those who purchase the $80 and up special editions will get a free copy of Modern Warfare Remastered. If you preordered Infinite Warfare on PS4, you can play the remastered Modern Warfare campaign now. The multiplayer will be available at launch and will eventually feature all 16 maps from the original game.

Source: GameSpot