On April 3rd Infinity Ward released the brand new DLC Pack "Devastation." The DLC Pack contains three new multiplayer maps, a Dome remake from MW3, an extinction map, and a new hybrid SMG/AR weapon. The new maps are all small to medium sized with fast flow and interesting new field order events.

Ruins is a medium sized Mayan temple that plays fast and hard; one wrong move and you're done. The map has an overgrown forest look and many flank routes that you can take to your advantage to capture the objective. This map is unique in a way that it has two special field order events; One, will make a volcano in the distance erupt and bombard the map similarly to the Mortar Strike on Warhawk. The second is a bit more interesting in a sense you will become "Predator" from the 1987 classic horror movie "Predator." While being the Predator, you will acquire juggernaut health, the ability to go invisible, and to lock onto enemies with rockets. I found this map plays well for Domination and Blitz, constantly fighting for flags around the map and constant scoring of points Blitz due to poor protection spots. This map has always given me a fun game no matter who I played against.

Collision is a small cargo ship that crashed into a bridge leaving a destroyed and broken wreck. The map has multi level combat and very short lines of sight. This map has a new kind of field order event, once obtained, you pilot an A10 gunner and strafe run the map twice, shooting rockets with the power of the MW2 AC-130, and bullets with the explosive power of an RPG. This map plays fast and has no dull moments, it plays great for most game modes, and usually has very intense matches. The map caters towards a rushy SMG playstyle, and is personally my favorite map in the pack.

Behemoth is a excavation platform mixed with long range and close range combat. It's medium in size but very narrow. This map's field order event is a unique and fun one. Once obtained by a care package, you become a passenger in a helicopter that you control with a minigun raining lead upon the enemy. This map plays well for Search and Rescue/Destroy, Team Deathmatch, and Kill Confirmed. I found it to be a little unfair on Domination for whoever was on the Federation and spawned C-Flag because it was an easy spawn trap. Regardless, I've had some fun Search and Rescue games on the map and even Domination (when I didn't spawn C-Flag!). All in all, it's a fun map and I've enjoyed almost every game on it.

Unearthed is a map remake from Modern Warfare 3's "Dome." Unearthed is project "Nightfall's" abandoned excavation site. This map is essentially Dome from MW3 and more or less plays like it. On Unearthed there are two easter eggs. A way to obtain the "Venom X" wonder weapon from "Nightfall" and "Mayday" extinction levels. The second easter egg is also the field order event, once obtained, you call in a group of "Seeker" aliens to seek out the enemy and blow them up; much like the Black Ops 2 hunter killer drone. One new addition to the map is the ability to go into a crane cart and activate it. Once activated it will elevate you on top of the map, from there enemies have difficulties killing you. This map plays well for all game modes, however, unless the enemy team doesn't have thumbs, be prepared for a tough match. Personally I think the "Venom X" and the Crane distract players too much from the objective and I've been frustrated plenty of times by teammates who ignored the objective to play on the crane. For this reason, it is my least liked map.

The Ripper is a new hybrid weapon, switching from an SMG to an AR in the touch of a button. The SMG version has a high fire rate, moderate recoil, and takes three shots to kill, however it has a very short range. The Assault rifle version has increased range and damage, however it has a slower rate of fire, effectively lowering the recoil. The Ripper has quickly become one of my favorite weapons, as I have over 1000 kills with it and have the gold camo. It definitely is one of the better weapons and has earned a place as one of the best guns in Call of Duty history in my book.

The new extinction map Mayday takes place on an abandoned research boat. In the extinction map, there are many new things like, aliens, weapons, and buildables similar to Black Ops 2 zombies. This map starts out somewhat easy but quickly takes a turn for the worse and become much more difficult. There are points where you'll be attacked by multiple "Rhino" aliens while trying to defend the drill. The map ends in a climactic boss battle, even more intense than the battle in "Nightfall." I've enjoyed my time playing this map as I have with all extinction maps. In addition to the map, they've added an "Armory," a place to upgrade things like health regen, damage, and equipment.

On this map pack I have over 50 games played on the new maps to try an get a honest review. All in all I believe this map pack was a good addition to the game. It brought in even more small maps in addition to Onslaught maps, introduced some unique field order events, and added a new viable weapon: The Ripper. If I didn't have the season pass, I would easily pay $15 for this map pack. This is a pack PC and PS3/PS4 Players should look forward to!