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Call of Duty Ghosts Campaign: My Take

I am going to try and keep this spoiler free, I'm not promising anything as there could always be a spoiler. If spoilers don’t bother you then head on over to the Se7enSins YouTube channel, Pseudonym has taken his time to record the entire campaign for you guys.

Okay so let's start with the campaign, the plot is somewhat easy to tell, the United States have launched the Odin Satellite, a weapons platform in space. As the platform becomes operational it is quickly taken over by the antagonists, soon to be known as the Federation. Once the satellite was taken a series of attacks were launched upon the United States of America.

The story follow the Ghosts, a team of soldiers who are considered to be nothing more than a myth. The Ghosts must fight their way through a post-apocalyptic USA to regain control and defeat the Federation once and for all.

The levels offered in the campaign seem very short, a lot shorter than previous games, and in a handful of the levels you can just run through as there is an objective at the end, such as jumping into a helicopter. One of the things that made me wary to begin with was the fact that they used the ending from Modern Warfare 2, simply re-textured for another mission. Here is the video for you all to see.

Throughout most of the campaign you are accompanied by Riley, Riley is an attack dog that you, Logan, and your brother Hesh have trained. Be warned though, it is easy to become emotionally attached to Riley. You can use Riley early on the game to kill the enemy utilizing the camera on his back, later on you just tell him who to attack, from all the information released before the game launched I was under the impression that you would gain full control of the dog throughout the entire game, this is not the case.

I'm not going to lie here, there are some pretty cool parts in the campaign, there is a mission where you are flying a helicopter where you have to help the guys below, and another where you have to infiltrate the enemy base in a tank. The action is very fast paced and it should please many of you.

One mission in particular really got me frustrated, now I am sure many of you are aware of the underwater mission, there is this one part where you have to get past sharks. The sharks ate me four times in a row, I seriously did not know what I was doing wrong.

As you progress through the campaign you become the elite of the elite, taking off where others left off. It is a great story, it isn’t exactly on par with the story told in the Modern Warfare series but I guess we will see how this story develops, because *SPOILER ALERT* after that ending I can assure you that this isn't over. See you in 2015!

All in all the Call of Duty Ghosts single player campaign is rather impressive and at the same time a huge let down. The fact they used the final scene from Modern Warfare 2 is something I won’t let slide, and the ending is somewhat disappointing but it does guarantee us a sequel. Everything in between is just phenomenal, especially those outer space missions. So let me know what you thought, did you have a similar experience to me? Please post below!
About author
My name is Alex, I am a former writer and moderator for Se7enSins. I still play video games on occasion and I like to keep up to date with the gaming industry.

After taking a long break from writing I have decided to return to my roots and provide content for the Se7enSins homepage. Just need to get rid of the rust.


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