Call of Duty: Black Ops III PS4 Bundle Announced

Sony announced yesterday that there would be a new bundle made available on November 6. This bundle will include a PlayStation 4 with 1TB storage,...
  1. Feyfolken
    Sony announced yesterday that there would be a new bundle made available on November 6. This bundle will include a PlayStation 4 with 1TB storage, a copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops III along with access to the "Nuk3town" multiplayer map on day one, and lastly, a DualShock 4 wireless controller. All of the listed items will be stylized to match the dark, futuristic theme of Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

    The PS4 will feature a black and orange design, with many of the game's logos emblazoned on the chassis. There is a symbol for each game mode: the SOG skull for campaign, the Winslow Accord faction logo for multiplayer, and "the mark" representing the fan-favorite zombie game mode. The controller will sport a gray and orange design, slightly differing from the console's color scheme, and will have a "III" logo on the right-hand grip. This controller will be sold separately by Sony as a standalone item outside of the bundle.

    The bundle will be available at the same time as Call of Duty: Black Ops III's release on November 6, at a price of $449.99 USD or $549.99 CAD. It is now available for pre-order on Amazon, Best Buy and GameStop.


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  1. RiggleyWiggley
    That's a cool design!
  2. DrZepto
    Design is cool but they should've swapped the LEDs for orange instead of standard blue so it matches the colour scheme.
  3. Nick From Telstra
    the play station looks pretty nice (first playstaion 4 im ever gonna buy) but the controller looks real bad to be honest.
    1. ProJimmyRustler
      You have that backwards the console looks like garbage.
    2. Nick From Telstra
      ive never owned or known anyone who owns a play station 3.... no idea what the 4 was gonna be.
      for me this looks good (first one ever seen)
  4. 3xTiNcT
    It's so ugly...
  5. Harry
    That console actually looks pretty damn sweet, although if you look then not much has changed really..
      Masterkalso likes this.
  6. Stonerzard
    I'd never buy a console that would just be outdated a year later. Like it would be irrelevant next year, no thank you. However, that Star Wars 360 they had for the Kinect, it's something that couldn't be outdated simply by another game release. They need to do some Star Wars themed PS4s, then it'll sell!
      Masterkalso likes this.
    1. Nick From Telstra
      I feel like when the new movie is being released.
      they will get them their
    2. Stonerzard
      They need to announce it now if they're going to do it at all. Otherwise come December once the film has been released (and all of the games/expansions) the hype will have been lost. Less sales. It's why they're announcing the BO3 console now and not in December.
  7. Wavy
    I think it looks aesthetically crap. Bland and dull design. A two year old can draw what they are selling decal-wise.
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    1. Feyfolken
      I expect nothing less from Activision.
  8. Nick From Telstra
    i first got the original play station, then the play station 1, then playstation 2. never got a play station 3.
    I got an Xbox instead because they looked so much better and all my mates had one.
    but because Xbox is getting hardly any nice looking systems, I think I might upgrade to a play station, this particular one.
    as soon as i get information if there is any extra ports for hardware.
      Jack likes this.
  9. CobrasCurse
    Does anyone know if this console has the new hardware optimization to run quiter and use less power etc?
    1. Feyfolken
      The only specs I was able to find is its new system software that "adds the ability to share short video clips directly to Twitter natively". Unfortunately, I don't know much about the PS4 or its hardware, but I know that the one included in this bundle is receiving some upgrades from the standard console.
    2. CobrasCurse
      Thanks Jack there is suppose to be a newer more optimized version of the ps4...but most people don't pay attention to specs of consoles so they don't list it.
  10. WWE
    Only if I didn't have all my games on xbox.
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