Call of Duty: Black Ops III Beta Date Revealed

Treyarch recently took to Twitter to reveal that the multiplayer beta for Call of Duty: Black Ops III will be hitting PlayStation 4 on August 19th.
By Sparfire · Jul 9, 2015 · Updated Jul 9, 2015
  1. Sparfire
    Treyarch recently took to Twitter to reveal that the multiplayer beta for Call of Duty: Black Ops III will hit PlayStation 4 on August 19th. There will be more information "coming soon", so stay tuned for that.

    The beta is available for those who choose to pre-order the game on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, however, there is still no information on when it will be released on the Xbox One and PC. Unfortunately, there will be no beta tests for PS3 and Xbox 360 at all.

    Publisher Activision revealed a change of allegiance at E3 last month, when it was announced that future timed exclusives will be distributed on PlayStation. This leaves everyone else a month or so behind on downloadable add-ons and other extras, so the head-start for PlayStation 4 users comes as no surprise.

    While you wait for this, and the Zombie reveal later on today, take a look at these ridiculous new Legendary gear sets for Advanced Warfare, scheduled for release later this week. According to the Tweet posted by Sledgehammer, they are named Samurai, Arachnid, Deep Sea Diver, Luchador, and Clown. Not much for the stealthy or tactical player, but if you are clowing around anyway, you might as well look the part.
    advanced_warfare_bonkers_exo_1.jpg advanced_warfare_bonkers_exo_2.jpg advanced_warfare_bonkers_exo_3.jpg

    Source: Eurogamer

    Is beta access enough for you to pre-order the game? And what do you think of the new armor for AW?

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  1. Whosaidthis
    This pleases me already
    1. _ _
      Same goes for me!
  2. mmast1
    does anyone have any beta codes for me, i need one for xbox one. message me one please:thumbsup::frown:
    1. Joshy
      Sorry man, no codes yet. You also have to pre-order to get those, may be released the same time as most games. Don't stress it, just the beta/teaser of the real thing. They want to know how players enjoy or don't; So the real game has improvements, etc.
  3. mmast1
    when does the xbox one beta come out?
  4. Fogel
    I got the beta for PS4 so I guess this is good news. Think I'm gonna get a code for Xbox One though as well.
  5. Joshy
    That's crazy, leave it to Treyarch to put a Samurai/clown suit in their game. I like it, keeps stuff different and interesting, can't wait to play this one. Pre-ordering....
    1. Fight Owens Fight
      Um...Sledgehammer made AW.
    2. Joshy
      You know this is all about Black OPS dude! :wink: I rather the way Treyarch designs than Sledgehammer, they have cool ideas as well but if I were to choose between the two; OPS got me.
  6. CAPiiX
    I thought this forum used to be smart. Why did everyone get an Xbox One? I mean did you see the ps4?
    1. MarkyMark91
      Cause people are cheap....
    2. Weeb
    3. _ _
      I heard the PS4 had better graphics but I'm not sure.
  7. Wavy
    I may just buy a PS4 to play the beta early lol. And I am a hardcore Xbox Fan. Hmm.
  8. Master
    This game looks way too futuristic for me. The beta is obviously going to be really big because of fans. CoD has lost my interest since MW3.
    1. _ _
      I miss the old fashion Cod. I hope they go into the past with future Cod's.
  9. DoX Hoster
    im ready for the zombie reveal but sucks ps4 gets the beta first
  10. Weeb
    What a fantastic way to rack up pre orders, surprised they've never done this before obviously people will pay out their *** for this.
      Salus likes this.
    1. _ _
      A good way or business profit.