Following a closed alpha test that started in April, Treyarch is now inviting everyone to try out Call of Duty: Black Ops III's mod tools on PC. This is now possible as part of an open beta, which represents the "next phase of development" that will culminate in the full release sometime later.

Opening the beta to everyone gives Treyarch the ability to "more effectively address bugs, add polish, and move closer to a complete suite of PC features," the studio said in a blog post.

The open beta features an unranked server browser that lets people who have mods installed play with others who are also running mods. There is no dedicated server support yet for unranked mod servers, but that is coming sometime later.

If you own Black Ops III, you can install the mod tools through the Steam library Tool section. Included with the release is the Radiant level editor and the asset property editor, Activision explained on Steam. You can search through the game's Steam Workshop page to find a mod that looks interesting to you.

Looking ahead, Activision said it plans to continue its efforts on "enhancing the user experience and the ability to create modded content" over the coming months.

The launch of Black Ops III's mod tools beta comes about 10 months after the game originally debuted in November 2015. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare comes out this November, but Activision has not yet said if fans can expect mod tools for it.

For Black Ops III, mods created on PC are only playable on PC. Bethesda's Fallout 4 allows Xbox One players to install PC mods, but this is a rarity in console gaming.

Source: GameSpot