Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Adds Option to Ban Weapons

August 5th 2015, was an exciting and interesting day if you are a fan of both eSports and the Call of Duty series. During todays Gamescom press...
  1. Invisible Man

    August 5th 2015, was an exciting and interesting day if you are a fan of both eSports and the Call of Duty series. During todays Gamescom press conference, Activision revealed information about their newest eSport features, "Specialist Draft" and "Ban and Protect". Both aimed at giving players more control over their playing experience.

    Geared more towards the tournament and arena players, Specialist Draft is made available during the pre-match selection process. This new system adds a restriction on the number of Specialist abilities used in a match. When one player chooses an ability, they will become the only one on their team that will have access to it throughout the entire match. This will encourage teams to use a little more strategy when preparing for battle. Ban and Protect on the other hand, will be available in both private and competitive matches. Players will receive the ability to vote on which guns, perks, and scorestreaks to either ban or protect before the start of each match. This feature will give both professional and private tournament holders the power to change the way the game is played based on their own tournament guidelines. Further adding to the strategy needed to win and succeed.


    Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is set to release on November 6th this year on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

    How do the members of Se7enSins feel about these new additions to the game? Will this help provide a more fair and balanced experience? Leave your thoughts and comments below.


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  1. Bed
    Someone is gonna pick a really good item and only they can use it. People can troll using this. Or if your whole team has a mic, tell them to pick things that no one is gonna use so this system wont apply during the match :smile:
    1. Chazay
      How can you troll with this?
    2. Bed
      Pick a good item that everyone wants to use and then just dont use it/go AFK
    3. Stonerzard
      I think the way it works is if you protect an item, then everyone can use it.
  2. jonnamana
    hi what banned wapons
  3. Gardzz
    I think this is a really good feature. Stops the over powered guns from being abused.
  4. SSL
    Great job Treyarch, Vonderhaar is doing good until some flaw is released in bo3, then he will take years to fix it. Hopefully when it's released there's not as many mods and lobbies out there as there was with ghosts, because that got crazy fast. But it's 3arc not IW, so keep our hopes up until you have a reason to let them down. Competitive gaming is fantastic and I am loving the advance it is having.
    1. Durva
      Play on current gen and the lobbies problem is fixed :smile: Also pretty sure they won't offer stat transfer
  5. VJJ
    Smart move Treyarch. I don't think they realize how high the standards are for their game though...
      Chow likes this.
  6. brandeenos
    i don't really like the idea of this cuz i wana use my own guns this is pointless cuz whats the point of creating a class !
    1. Serotonin
      I think that is the stupidest comment I have heard yet about this. If you dont care about the growth of eSports you go play ghosts. We needed something like this. We need to follow in the footsteps of LoL and Dota. The bans and protects is a new strat, just go play 6v6 dom and you will be fine. So stupid.
    2. Durva
      Only applies in custom lobbies if you choose to use it and the esports lobbies (aka arena)
  7. OpTiC Raiinbow
    It's stupid
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    2. Stonerzard
      ^Are people like you really still around? So what? How does that effect you in any way? Tool.
    3. OpTiC Raiinbow
      I apologise for having an old se7ensins account and not being able to change my name :smile:
    4. Chazay
      Pretty sure everyone gets one free name change.
  8. Stonerzard
    YESSSSS!!! This is what I wanted ever since I started watching DotA a few years back! This will balance eSports so much, and never will somebody say "it's just the same boring **** over and over again."

    Bring on League Play! :biggrin:
  9. 3xTiNcT
    Interesting, hopefully people can agree on which weapons, perks and scorestreaks to ban or else there's gonna be some fights.
    1. Stonerzard
      You are definitely going to need your own team for League Play, it will be insufferable if not. The bombardment of noobs thinking they're the next best thing because they watched a few matches on MLGCOD on YouTube.
    2. 3xTiNcT
      Most likely
  10. Galaxy Modding
    this game is gonna be dope im stoked!