Hello Se7ensins. Today I'm going to be reviewing Treyarch's brand new map pack: Vengeance. While doing so I'm going to use a format of reviewing each map at a time, including Buried: The new zombies map. Then at the end, I will give an overall review of the entire map pack. Let's get started!
We'll start off the review with everyone's favorite multiplayer map(as far as I can see anyways): Rush. The reason I say this is because three out of five times when you play on the Vengeance maps, you'll get Rush. For me this isn't really a problem because Rush is a very good map; it's small, but not too small, it can have tons of close quartered combat, but it can also have just as much medium to long range shootouts!​
If you want to have an advantage on Rush, I would recommend going up top. This allows you to see almost the whole map, except for the indoor paintball course. Most of the battles happen outside; especially if you're playing Domination, since all the flags are out there. The various objects in Rush may be a downside for some players, due them getting in the way, but at times it can help you!​
Overall this map is very good. Personally, it's not my favorite, but it's probably as good as a small map gets! Plus the environment of Rush is obviously cool, so I'd give Rush an 8.5/10.​
Cove is set in international waters on a remote island, where players battle out in the ruins of a jet that crash-landed. While most of the combat happens in the middle of the map where they jet crash-landed, I found that going behind the rocks on the edge of the map is a much better strategy.​
There's no real successful weapon of choice here. Personally I use either and assault rifle or sniper, but Cove's mixture of close, medium and long range battles means any gun will fit the environment. The environment in Cove is unique to me; I love the shootouts that it forces you into, and thus it's my favourite multiplayer map! The matches on Cove are not always run and gun, which is why I love Cove: for the mixed gameplay. Overall I give Cove a 9/10.​
Uplink is the edit of fan-favorite Black ops map Summit. As with Summit, Uplink bring epic battles in the middle of the map. While I've played, I've seen players use various guns, except for sniper rifles- very rarely will you see a sniper on Uplink!​
All in all there's not much to say about the map, because it's basically a copy of Summit. I give Uplink a 8.5/10. After you start playing it you'll remember why you loved Summit so much!​
Detour is set in New York City on a war-torn bridge, with remnants of destroyed vehicles. There are really only two ways to move around Detour, the first one being on top of the bridge where you need to move around the various vehicles that block your path. The second one is under the bridge. I usually go for the latter!​
It can get pretty chaotic on the bridge, so I try to flank using the under-the-bridge system. You have to watch your step while playing on Detour, throughout the map you'll find holes in the ground that earn you a one way ticket to death! Detour is probably my least favorite, but still decent! For me, there's too many object on the bridge that obstruct my style of play, so my rating for Detour is a 7.5/10.​
Buried is the newest zombie map to enter Treyarch's brain-eating universe. I would have to say Buried is my second favorite zombie map of all time, behind Der Riese of course! The map has a wild-west setting, but with the interesting twist of a post-apocalyptic surrounding.​
Starting off is easy enough, once you earn $2000 you're able to get your hands on the LSAT - which is pretty easy to find. After that you'll fall into the depths below, where the town is. To really experience the map, you need to jump in with some friends and test yourselves! I would give Buried a 9/10; it's a great zombies map and it's better that Mob of the Dead in my opinion.​
The Vengeance map for Black Ops 2 is one hell of an addition to Black Ops 2. Vengeance blows the other map packs out of the water! If you're looking for a solid map pack that you will enjoy, buy Vengeance. For a rating I give Vengeance a 9/10. Other than Detour, you will love all the maps and the new zombie map, Buried. I hope you guys and gals enjoyed the review!​
Now tell me, what do you guys think of the map pack?