Call of Duty Becomes a Comic Book

Dark Horse Comics is publishing a comic prequel to Call of Duty: Black Ops III. The comic focuses on plot and character development, and is set to...
  1. Monopolyman

    Call of Duty has grown to become one of the most successful videogame franchises. While a lot of gamers got sick of the same-old formula, there are still millions of people who buy the new games every year. Activision has decided to take the Call of Duty franchise outside of videogames and puts the world of Black Ops III into a comic book.

    The comic book will be published by Dark Horse Comics, who is responsible for publish multiple graphic novels ranging from RoboCop to Avatar: The Last Airbender. The writer of the book, Larry Hama, has written stories for similar franchises such as G.I Joe. The Artist, Marcelo Ferreira, is also a seasoned veteran who is most known for Transformers and TMNT.

    The new book is meant to add a whole new dimension to the Call of Duty world. Most Call of Duty games tend to solely focus on the gunplay and have rather thin plots. The comic book plays the opposite role, and serves as a way for fans to learn more information about the plot and characters of Black Ops III. The book is a prequel to Black Ops III and is set to release two days before the game launches on November 4th.

    Source: IGN

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  1. YoDM
    I'm a COD fan and honestly is a BAD idea because we know all the stories to every COD game. I understand so play get to collect it
  2. Weeb
    The only people I know who play cod would never read this, such a waste of time to even bother cod storyline sucks.
  3. Master
    Similar to the statements above, BO3 comics don't seem very fascinating. What would really captivate us is a zombie comic book series. (Nazi zombies, preferably)
  4. Hammers
    lmao cod is for retards
  5. Skype
    This is so stupid lmao.
  6. Deadpool
    Why would they expand the story of something so generic and boring?
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    1. Monopolyman
      To make it less generic and boring
    2. Crooks
    3. Deadpool
      It doesn't change it. It just extends it. Not making it any different at all really.
  7. Crooks
    I'd like to see a zombies comic series.
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    1. Master
      I totally agree. You can make an amazing story line with the original Nazi Zombie characters from BO1.
  8. Cakes
    They should have made a CoD manga, lmao. "Did you read this weeks CoD??!!?"
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  9. 3xTiNcT
    I'm not to sure how interesting the story of Black Ops 3 would be as a comic but I guess I'd probably be more interested if the comic was about Zombies.
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  10. Kankuro
    What has this world come to.