Call Of Duty 4 Remaster DLC Adds Four Classic Maps This Month

Activision is releasing new DLC for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, the publisher announced today. The Variety Map Pack, which is the...
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    Activision is releasing new DLC for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, the publisher announced today. The Variety Map Pack, which is the same name that Activision gave to Modern Warfare DLC nine years ago, includes remastered versions of the maps that came with the original DLC.

    The expansion pack comes out on March 21, first on PS4, with Xbox One and PC getting the expansion at a later date. Call of Duty DLC launches first on PlayStation as part of a timed-exclusivity deal between Activision and Sony.

    The four maps are Broadcast, Chinatown, Creek, and Killhouse; click through the images in the gallery above to get a closer look at all of them. Full descriptions are available on Activison's blog. The new Variety Map Pack sells for $15 and also comes with 10 "Rare" supply drops, which contain cosmetic items. These are normally unlocked through gameplay or by spending real money.

    Source: GameSpot

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  1. Sosuke Aizen
    I can believe it but I don't want to..
    1. Sallos
      It's bullsh**, but we believe it.
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    2. Sosuke Aizen
      Agreed! I mean I understand from a business standpoint the goal is to acquire as much revenue as possible with minimal detriments in the mix but this is clearly taking your player-base for granted and demanding more money for a game that isn't even worth half of $60
  2. Skepta
    We are not even near April fools day, yet Activision are already becoming the biggest joke of the year.
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  3. Keeley Hazell
    Sadly if you go on any of their social media pages there are plenty of idiots sticking up for their greedy ways.. "Oh you're broke you can't spend $15?" People man lol. Like I said many times, Activision is worse than EA these days.
    1. Ink
      right i paid for the legacy pro which has the season pass but they never stated which cod the season pass was for so i think they should give the dlc out for free for mwr. Not that i dont have $15 but i already bought the dlc for the original and $129.99 +tax on Legacy Pro i think they should give it to Season pass holders. Either make it more clear or give it to people who spent their money on what was advertised.
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  4. Salus
    I saw this coming lmao
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  5. 3xTiNcT
    I knew they'd try and charge for them. :roflmao::roflmao::roflmao:
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  6. Alex
    This is hilarious.

    The Variety Map Pack was free on PC.

    It was cheaper on console when it was originally released years ago.

    They started to give it away bundled with the Game of the Year edition of the game.

    So that's that folks, Activision have finally taken a golden **** on this game and it's community. The exact same community that supported the game so much it won GOTY.

    I can't believe they are charging for these maps. It's ridiculous. Will they be charging for it on PC too?
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    1. WWE
      They went from giving the fans what they want to making fans pay for what they want. That's why they've lost a majority of the community yet they still continue down the same path.
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  7. Sto 2 da b
    Activision is such a crap company.
    Worst part is they are literally selling it for $5 more than it was sold originally.

    Who thinks this is even a good idea?
    They have no respect for their "fans"
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    1. Shalour
      They stopped giving us respect after bo2.
    2. Red58
      I've been telling people this for years but all anyone ever does is continue buying into their sh*t. Vote with your wallets, they don't care if you complain online so long as they continue making money.
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    3. Keeley Hazell
      Ever since the addition of supply drops Activision's greed has increased at a rapid rate lol. They figure plenty of little kids and people who have nothing better to play/do will buy their crap lol.
  8. Shalour
    Activision are a bunch of snakes. I would never pay for dlc in a remaster. It should be free because I already paid $80 for MWR.
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    1. Ink
      I Paid $129.99 +tax and even with season pass ill have to pay for it im sure. Sucks that they make us spend all this money on ****. I get they need it to keep running but jesus they are starting to rip us off.
  9. Sallos
    Activision. Wat R U doin? Activision!? Stahp!
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  10. josh11770
    pfft so they're pm treating MW: remastered as a new game, at least when gearbox remastered borderlands 2 and pre-sequel for xbox one they included all the dlc. Also i'm pretty sure they're a MUCH smaller company than activision
    1. Ink
      The only thing separating them is probably common sense and respect for their supporters really lol
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