Destiny 2’s Lord of Wolves shotgun was a powerful tool against PvE enemies last season, but, in an effort to fix the weapon in one mode, Bungie accidentally made it overpowered in competitive PvP. Creative Director Luke Smith sat down to talk about the studio’s plans for the weapon during Bungie’s block of the GuardianCon 2019 charity stream.

Lord of Wolves is a shotgun that spews fire in Destiny 2. But instead of shooting a normal spread, it fires several shots in a burst — similar to a pulse rifle. The gun’s signature perk is Release the Wolves and used to double the shots fired after getting a kill.

With the latest patch for Season of Opulence, Bungie lowered the damage but made Release the Wolves a toggle option on the gun. Having access to Release the Wolves at all times makes the weapon extremely powerful in PvP. It can quickly shut down enemy Supers or kill in a single shot from very far away.

Bungie’s current plan with the overpowered Lord of Wolves is to let it ride until next patch, similar to what they did with Prometheus Lens in 2017. Smith said that Lord of Wolves won’t see a nerf until later this Summer.

Smith’s reasoning for the delay is to maintain the work-life-balance of the developers at Bungie. The studio is already working on the game’s next patch, and the developers would have to crunch to fit in the Lord of Wolves nerf.

According to Smith, the studio leads just asked the developers to work longer hours to fit the Contest mode in before the new Crown of Sorrow raid launched. For the sake of the team, Smith and the Bungie leadership don’t want to ask that kind of commitment of their workers so soon after that incident.

Smith mentioned that all players who participate in the Iron Banner mode this week will get a unique Triumph — Destiny’s in-game achievements — to commemorate the week of Lord of Wolves. It’s unclear when this reward will go out to players, but it likely won’t be until the nerf is finished.

Source: Polygon