Solstice of Heroes, which will start on July 31, is Destiny 2’s new summer holiday event. It’s also the only way to get 400-power armor before the Forsaken expansion releases on Sept. 4. The Solstice of Heroes represents a memorial and a celebration of the past year.

The event centers around the destruction of the previous tower and rebirth of the Golden Age. Essentially, it asks players to remember the events of Destiny 2’s base campaign. This is done in a few ways, namely the replaying of old story missions.

Solstice of Heroes will offer limited-time Redux missions — important story missions altered in one way or another. The five missions offered this year will be: Homecoming, Spark, Payback, 1AU and Chosen.

Completing these missions will be one way to upgrade your Solstice of Heroes armor — the same pieces players were wearing when the Tower fell last year when Destiny 2 launched. It starts with the Shattered set, which drops at 240, and can be upgraded to the Rekindled set at 340. Finally, players can upgrade their gear all the way to Resplendent, which is set exclusively at 400.


These armor pieces will also level up in appearance. The Shattered set is composed of the broken pieces that players will remember shambling away in after the Tower’s fall. Rekindled is an all-white set that looks similar to the statue of heroes set in the center of the tower during Solstice. Finally, the Resplendent set is a glowing, gold and white set. Each new tint keeps the shape of the last set, but all of them look different. Players will be able to choose the look they want through the use of ornaments.

From the statue, players will be able to collect Moments of Triumph bounties to help them claim special rewards. The previously announced Moments of Triumph awards will be available for pickup at the statue as well.

Destiny 2’s Solstice of Heroes event will also come with its own Eververse engram. Players can earn these through special milestones as well as by leveling up normally over the course of the event.

Source: Polygon