Rumor Bungie May Have Some Big News for Destiny Players

Gaming giant Bungie has confirmed that they will be attending PSX this weekend in San Francisco. There are several hints in-game that could allude...
  1. Night
    Listen up, Guardians! We've slayed the King not once, not twice, but thrice. With the recent release of challenge mode to the Kings Fall Raid we can even further humiliate the Ascendant Hive Gods. While I'm sure you're quite content to keep melting hive face, it's about time one of the other races in Destiny gets the spotlight.

    Don't get me wrong, The Taken King was an excellent expansion, bringing us new weapons, armor, light levels and a raid, but now that challenge mode is out it seems that we're at the end of the line. The last few weeks have seen a drop in activity for most Destiny players as we notice the content gap more and more, but we aren't discouraged because we know Bungie has bigger and better things in store for us Guardians. The only problem is they have been suspiciously quiet about said things, which leads many to believe that, at the very least Bungie, will announce a new DLC for Destiny this weekend at PSX. When you add the fact that many prominent Destiny YouTubers will be attending, it almost seems a certainty.

    So what will the next expansion entail? Many players believe that the Cabal will finally get their time in the spotlight, thanks to a cryptic message in the mission "Outbound Signal". At the end of the mission it is revealed that a distress signal was sent to, and received by, the head of the Cabal Empire. This is corroborated by an image released some time ago that supposedly lists the release schedule for Destiny expansions. While Bungie has stated that the image shouldn't be believed, it has proven to be mostly accurate.

    The second biggest question we have about future DLC is how it will be handled. With the introduction of the Eververse Trading Company many believed that microtransactions would pave the way for free expansions, however Activision has said that microtransactions and paid expansions can co-exist. Knowing them, each new expansion will cost you a decent amount.

    So, Guardians, who else is excited to see what Bungie has in store for us this weekend? How do you feel about paying for yet another expansion, if that is the route they choose to take? I, for one, cannot wait and actually wouldn't mind shelling out some more money for new content, especially after the success of The Taken King. Let us know how you feel in the comments!


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  1. soberinsac
    I have been playing since the beta. I do have fun playing still. I do agree after conquering Oryx on hard a few times the excitement kinda just goes away. So recently I've been enjoying the crucible. My grimoure is 4650 with not very much crucible content done say for iron banner. I still haven't even attempted trials. I'm not sure why I hated it for so long. It's the only place in Destiny that can get my heart pumping any more. With that said I'd love some dlc to drop soon!! While I'd be a little annoyed shelling out another 60-80 bones id still buy I'd be lying to myself if I said I wouldn't. As I'm writing this I just got to thinking. Could there he a small free or small fee expansion coming right at or just before Christmas to rev up sales for mass consumer purchase?? Hmmmmm
  2. Ollieos
    Silent Night

    To be honest though the game is not fun. It's just truly addictive. I don't ever enjoy killing onyx after the 6th, 10th, or 20th time its just ****ing boring yes I enjoy getting loot but it just comes back to a repetitive grind that's not fun, I realize destiny is a repetitive game but people shouldn't credit it because its honestly not much even with the dlc. Writing this right now I haven't played destiny in a month but i know ill come back to it for a moment but sooner or later ill put it down for good. Its an addictive waste of time.
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  3. ThorsHammer
    So much hate!

    Ive enjoyed all of it except maybe house of wolves. That got dry quick. Only just come back to destiny last night and i still love playing it.
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  4. Trallafitti
    I dont give a ****. Quit this garbage a long time ago, FU Destiny.
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  5. N0VA
    I stopped playing Destiny over 4 months ago. Im done throwing money at it for now.
  6. Salus
    Bungie is making a killing off the dlc lmao
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  7. XeClutch
    I can't be the only one that's pissed at Bungie right?
    - Cuts the games content for DLC
    - Releases half-a*sed game for $60
    - Releases half-a*sed DLC for $20
    - Releases DLC only available through bundles so you have to buy a different version of the $60 game
    - Releases expansion pass for $35 that only gives you the 2 previous DLC's
    - Releases $40 DLC that requires the 2 previous DLC's to play
    - Plans to release ANOTHER DLC that most likely isn't any better than any previous DLC's (not that the previous DLC's, or game for that matter, were any good)

    Let's do some math here.
    Destiny: $60 (absolutely not worth $60 but it's AAA so why not right? >_>)
    The Dark Below: $20 (made the game somewhat playable for a month or so)
    House of Wolves: Insignificant DLC that could only be bought in a bundle so you had to either buy the $60 game again or trade it in for <$40 and buy the bundle
    Expansion Pass: $35 for the players that weren't retarded enough to buy the bundle but probably already bought The Dark Below so they're essentially paying $35 for House of Wolves
    The Taken King: $40 for more content that Bungie intentionally cut out of the base game to suck more money from the consumer
    $60 + $20 + $35 + $40 = ~$150 for the original game (~ to account for those who waited for the expansion pass instead of buying the first 2 DLC's)

    These people went from developing NEW legendary games to making a Premium Space Call of Duty game. Bungie lost most of my respect when they signed with Activision and just lost what little respect I had for them.

    I just think it's ridiculous that you people hate on 343i for trying new things with Halo and releases DLC for free while you have old pros bending you over backwards for premium garbage.
  8. televisedfool
    I love this game so much now, it's amazing.

    I bought it at launch and played the heck out of it but stopped after about a month until recently when I bought TTK for PS4. Bungie sure turned this game around and made it a billion times better then what it was at launch. TTK is what the game should have been at launch, but I'm happy it finally got to this point and look forward to more amazing work from bungie.
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  9. Modify
    inb4 $20 dlc with 1 strike and a raid that's as easy as a strike
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  10. X Zesty Xo
    I honestly would like a Cabal DLC but they are gonna overprice it again!. TDB wasn't even worth $10,HoW is i would say a $10 dlc,TTK should of been like $30 not $40. For people who bought all 3 dlc i feel like you should get exclusive gear or a discount for this new "Cabal" dlc. I know they won't because Activision is the publisher but as a Year 1 Vet that has supported this game with $140 they should give us something in return