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Bungie making incredible progress with new IP


The collaborative Intellectual Property (a new series, without prequels) that Bungie and Activision have sworn to secrecy is unnerving restless fans, anxious to find out the juicy details and determined to find out just how well Bungie can perform without the Halo franchise. What else does Bungie have up its sleeve exactly? Activision is definitely excited about the progress they seem to be making, as reported from an earnings call.

"We continue to lay the foundation for our new universe from Bungie, one of the world's best developers," said Activision. "Bungie continues to make incredible progress on what we expect to be a genre-defining new IP that will provide us with tremendous new opportunities, and which remains one of our key strategic growth pillars for the future," it added.

Codenamed 'Tiger', the details for the game has been minimal. What we do know is that it will be across platforms: Xbox, Playstation and PC. A logo was teased during a Bungie Dev diary, from last August.


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