After the announcement that Gamespy would be closing down and all of its supported games going offline earlier this year, it became sadly apparent that vault hunters wouldn’t be able to spend time in the original setting of Pandora, on the highly acclaimed (and fantastic introductory game to the hit series Borderlands) Borderlands . There is no need to fret though, as it has become clear that the game will be updated with Steamworks, and multiplayer will become available again!

It is not a huge surprise that this update is coming, as 2K (the publisher for the Borderlands series) announced earlier this year (after the initial announcement of the shutdown) that the lack of multiplayer would indeed be temporary and they have kept their word! They said that the games taken offline (Civilization games were also affected) would be brought back up with Steamworks and it seems Borderlands will be the first to be brought back online.

The update released for Borderlands yesterday removed the “SecuRom DRM” and will allow the non-Steam versions (likely to affect disc versions) of the game to be converted. This will allow players to play with each other over the Steam network without any issues, and will also allow them to keep any DLC that they have purchased with their copy of the game. Players will be able to activate their DLC keys from within Steam to begin playing. The news ticker displayed within the menu of Borderlands will be displaying updates on the multiplayer development.

This is fantastic news to all fans of Borderlands, but also to anyone who may have enjoyed other games supported by Gamespy before the shutdown, as it paints a picture of hope that the other titles may receive support from another source soon. Personally, I am very happy about this, because Borderlands was and still is one of my favourite games, and the cooperative aspect is so important. Losing it was a huge blow to the game because quite frankly, it just isn’t as fun alone. No need to worry about that any more though, thanks to this fantastic update! Are any of you looking forward to playing Borderlands online again on your PC?