Borderlands 3 offers players countless small improvements over its predecessors. With things like switching quests with a single button press, mantling, and the intuitive ping system, quality-of-life improvements are all over the game. But there is one feature the game doesn’t have that would be very much appreciated: The ability to teleport to a player on your team.

When I played through the game with a friend, we spent most of the game each completing two separate quests, and Borderlands 3 was more than happy to let us run far away from each other so we could accomplish different objectives. But when the time came to meet back up, one or both of us would have to make the trek all the way across the map to find each other, or at least quick-travel to the nearest destination and then run from there. It slows things down significantly, which is a bummer in a game that’s trying to otherwise be so accommodating in how you play.

As Dregwriter pointed out on the Borderlands subreddit, this feature is even more annoying if you join the game of a friend that’s already playing.

“Nothing like joining a players game and being spawned at the starting point of a map and the host is waaaaaay on the opposite side of the map fighting a boss. Looking at you Athenas,” Dregwriter wrote.

There’s already a teleport to vehicle option, which allows you to go straight back to where you left your ride. There’s even an improved fast travel system that lets you move to specific areas of each map, but each map only has a few of these, and they can be far from each other.

What you can’t do is travel straight to your co-op partner, or partners, and that one small change would make the entire experience feel at least a little better, especially for those of us with limited playtime every night. Is it too much to ask?

Source: Polygon