Everyone knows that when the first Borderlands came out, Gearbox was making a very risky move. They were trying to bring something brand new and unseen to the Xbox community and, when it came out, it was a raging success. So Gearbox continued and produced Borderlands 2, which sold out all over the world with its amazing comic book graphics. Borderlands 2 did much better than when the first Borderlands first came out because people where just unsure of it, but in Borderlands 2 they brought allot of new weapons, scenery, and more bosses and people where just shocked and it topped the charts of that year.

Now, Anthony Burch, head writer at Gearbox Software has said that Borderlands 3 is planned, they have talked about idea's and what they can do and from looking at Borderlands 2 its hard to think what they can't do.

There is allot that you cant expect to see in Borderlands 3, We could maybe see open world lobbies and servers, we could also maybe see multiple worlds or planets but these are just ideas and theory's from my own perspective from looking at Borderlands 2, although there is much more downloadable content still come from Borderlands 2 so don't be getting excited just yet!

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